Living and moving a great deal around the Pacific Northwest of America for the majority of his youth, D.CLYDE (Daniel) developed a keen sense of both outer and inner relationship between himself and nature.

Drawn at once to both the natural world and to his own inner psyche, he set about from an early age to try and capture the essences, layers and duality of living in both these worlds simultaneously. As he progressed through school and graduated from college with an Art and Creative writing double major, he was constantly seeking to capture these energies and layers and present them through various mediums, graphite, pen and ink, intaglio etchings, poetry, paintings in acrylic and oil and his deepest love, carving wood.

He now resides in the north of Sweden and is currently developing a series of carvings exploring what goes on in between…


<p class="p1">2019<br /> Sept.– Konst i det Gröna, Luleå<br /> 05-31/10 — “Tributaries” Galleri 14, Drottningsgatan 14, Boden</p> <p class="p1">2018<br /> Juli-Sept. — Bothnia Salon, Norrbotten Museum<br /> Aug. — Tingshuset, Boden</p> <p class="p1">2017<br /> Aug. — Boden Business Park</p> <p class="p1">2016<br /> 25/08 — Kulturnatt i Boden</p> <p class="p1">2015<br /> 24/09 — Konst i det Gröna, Boden<br /> 27/08 — Kulturnatt i Boden</p> <p class="p1">2014<br /> 3-31/03 — “Self-Inflicted Myths” Lanstingshuset — Robertsviksgatan 7, Luleå<br /> 02/08 — Konst i det Gröna, Luleå<br /> 28/08 — Kulturnatt i Boden</p> <p class="p1">2013<br /> 31/08 — Kulturnatt i Boden<br /> 05/08 — Konst i det Gröna, Luleå<br /> 27/07 — Konst i det Gröna, Boden</p>


My art tends to be auto-biographical and mostly symbolic, with a mixture of natural references and metaphoric or even existential imagery. It encompasses my time passing and all that implies, birth, death, marriage, divorce, success, failure….the changing of the seasons.I like to think that my art delivers meaning on various levels at once, and I enjoy creating images that have subtle, almost hidden symbology and story– so that the viewer will be drawn in and hopefully receive a personal connection by interpreting in their own way the images they find.