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Dagmara Skubisz – I was born in Lublin, Poland. I spent my childhood in Sobieszyn, a charming town near Lublin. The nature and landscape of my family home appear in my work as constant reminiscences.


I graduated from high school in Ryki, where my first individual exhibition took place. I graduated from the art department of the Maria Skłodowska Curie University in Lublin with a master’s degree in art, major in workshop graphics, specializing in lithography. After graduation, I moved to Przemyśl, where I live to this day. My artistic activity includes individual and collective exhibitions, and my numerous paintings are in private collections.

My love for drawing and painting has always gone hand in hand with my great fascination with art history. Paraphrases of works by artists that interest me often appear in my work. Other favorite themes include nature, landscape and man. My paintings are a form of reflection on its condition in the world, loneliness, and the elusiveness of life.


For me, art is the most fascinating response to the world around me, and painting is the most beautiful form of conversation with myself. My paintings are an unpredictable spectacle of colors and shapes, as an artist I simply want to speak to the paint.