< Dagmar Henneberger




Instruction in various techniques Student of Holger Kroener, Weil am Rhein Artistic education at the academy of arts Bad Reichenhall Student of Peter Casagrande, Maitenbeth near Munich Freelance Member of the artist group H’ART, Rheinfelden


2015 Haus Salmegg, Rheinfelden

Mohrvilla, Munich Art-happening, Inzlingen Loeba, Lörrach Regio-Art, Lörrach

2016 Open Studio, Inzlingen Regio-Art, Lörrach

2017 Städt. Galerie, Bad Reichenhall Sprützehüsli, Oberwil (CH)

Regio-Art, Lörrach

2018 Burundikids, Rheinfelden (CH)

Open Studio, Inzlingen

Regio-Art, Lörrach

2019 Open Studio, Inzlingen

Regio-Art, Lörrach

2020 No activities due to Corona epidemics

2021 MONAT Gallery, Madrid (E)

ART FAIR, Paris (F), presented by MONAT Gallery Die KUNST, Grenzach-Wyhlen (Ger)


In the design process of my work, the color is in the foreground. Emotions and intuition flow into my work and influence the creative process. The paintings are free of objects and perspectives.The work process is not subject to rigid rules, but takes place largely out of the unconscious. Paint and other pictorial materials such as ash, soot, stone powder and sand are used. The paint is applied in various shades and tonalities. By overlaying many layers of paint and color gradients, a picture develops. Underlying traces of painting often remain visible and push back to the surface. Color and space, structures and traces combine to create a fascinating color space on mostly large-format canvases. In the abstract color paintings, the title remains deliberately open and freely associable for the viewer.