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Coco was born in Mexico City, amidst a family where painting and music were a daily pleasure and distraction, thus, he grew up among oil paintings, paintbrushes, charcoal pencils, art books and vinyl records music, that marked many of his childhood memories. In this context, and because he was a restless child, art was a the natural resource course with on which to channel his energy.

Coco had an Art and Design residence in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and sometime after that, he studied Illustration in Barcelona, where teachers from various countries assessed and helped polish Cocolvu’s talent.


Coco has had exhibitions and collaborations in Mexico City, Tokyo and Osaka in Japan; in Galicia and Madrid in Spain; in Berlin, Paris, San Jose in Costa Rica, and Panama City.

As far as brand names are concerned, his clients contribute with a wide variety of satisfiers, through very diverse marketing: Amnesty International; Bic; Converse; Crayola; Danone; Dell; DiDi; Disney; Facebook; Ford; Grupo Modelo; Grupo Vasconia; Instagram; Microsoft; Nestle; Nike; Nivea; Perrier; Revlon, Vans; Virgin, amongst many others.


Creer es Crear – To believe is to create

“Art is a way of understanding life and generating beauty, for those to look into his work and to admire it, under any medium and circumstance”

Everything that Cocolvu has created is engrained with this motto. The creation process starts with an idea, the thought of the possibility of something that could exist but that doesnt’ yet. The careful process of interweaving memories, ideas, dreams, desires and the undeniable urge to communicate it, to make a connection.