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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1995 & raised by a Painter, Cloe Galasso generated a great interest in the visual and corporal environment. At the age of 21, she received a Master in Design in University of Palermo.
She complimented her studies in a self-taught way exploring different disciplines such as acting, analog photography, sculpture, and new technologies in art and design, seeking to find her own way to fight against the lack of exposure of women in the art world.
In 2020, in the context of the pandemic, she was introduced to oil painting, becoming with sculpture, her favorite areas of work. Since then, she has shown her art in Buenos Aires, New York, London and Milan.



Annual Design Trainee – Virgen Estudios – 2015

Graphic Design Degree – Universidad de Palermo 2016

MDes – Univerdsidad de Palermo – 2017

Summer Arts Intensive Program – NYSA – 2021


Innovation Award – Universidad de Palermo 2017

Floating Island First Prize – 2022

Floating Island Second Prize – 2022


Galeria Gascon – Solo Show – 2021
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pop Up Solo Show – 2022
Buenos Aires​, Argentina

Ephemeral Energy
Solo Exhibition – 2022
Paul Larsen Gallery
Saddle River, Ny​

Solo Echibition – 2023
Consulate Of Argentina In New York
Manhattan, Nyc


Pop Up
Nysa Gallery – Group Show – 2021
New York City

A Summer In Nyc
Nysa Gallery – Group Show – 2021
New York City

Group Show
Campo Cuttica – 2021
Hamptons, Ny​

Invisible – Floating Island
Galleria Antonio Battaglia
Milano, It​

Now You See What I See
Spiti Costa – Group Exhibit – 2022
Brooklyn, Nyc

Omitted References
The Art Pavillion -Group Exhibit
2022 – London, Uk​

Artists For Artists
Spiti Costa – Group Exhibit – 2022
Brooklyn, Nyc

Contemporary Art Exhibition
Trngl Loft – Group Exhibit – 2022
Manhattan, Nyc​

Edge By Nyc
Group Exhibition – 2022
Galeria Azur At Quebracho
Manhattan, Nyc

Mc Gallery- Group Exhibit – 2023
Manhattan, Nyc

​Know Your Truth
Group Exhibition – 2023
Salomon Arts Gallery
Manhattan, Nyc


Art Residency With Eugenio Cuttica
Campo Cuttica – 2021
Hamptons, Ny


Currently, my work focuses mainly on the holistic study of energy. I am focused on using art as a means to investigate in depth the cosmic connection that exists between the universe, the planets, its stars, and the human being, who is just another member that makes up this whole system.

Within this constant investigation, I explored the portrait of this Energy with a multidisciplinary approach, painting, sculpture and digital art. Starting off with a sculptural practice, I explored the way to symbolize energy. Finally, I found a structure to which I could attribute these aspects in order to continue my study on how energy interpellates this world, entering to it, communicating, creating, working: Connecting the universe with each being that comprises it. Seeking to understand the energy of each place as a unique entity, as a portrait of the space it inhabits.

My goal is to be able to understand in what ways as humans we can gain awareness of this energy and be able to communicate everything learned to generate social consciousness about how this phenomena is capable of acting directly or indirectly onto our lives.