< Claudia Werth


Claudia has been born 1974 in Germany and still lives there. After school she studied computer science and worked, mainly as software developer, for over 20 years. Painting accompanied her in this time only in her spare time, nevertheless it was a time of trying that she doesn´t wanted to miss. In the first years she mainly painted realistic with pencils and charcoals. After a visit of the MoMA in New York and seeing Monets Water Lilies, she started to experiment more and started to paint in acrylic. During this time the subject changed more and more and nowadays she mainly paints abstract in acrylic. In 2020 she decided to concentrate on painting. Until now she did a few exhibitions mainly in Italy, but also in Spain.

I am not a poet, I am not able to put my stories, my feelings and emotions into words. But in my art, I can try to transfer them into my artworks with the help of colours and shapes and thus transport emotions and tell stories.