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A self-taught painter, abstract, I did not have any artistic training. I have long admired the works of artists with joy, but the desire to paint, to create, came to me and has not left me. Everything interests me in Art, painting, sculpture, street art, architecture…, which can be an advantage and at the same time an obstacle because one can get lost on the way, especially when one is a beginner.

However, I showed stubbornness and curiosity to overcome my lack of knowledge and I threw myself into the adventure. I tried, I experimented in all directions, guided by my desires, my feelings, simply following my instinct, without complexes, without taboos, I love to make series of my paintings, it is a way to continue working on a theme. The first time I did it with my treesColor is my writing. It is the very essence of my creativity, of my imagination. It is through color that I came to art.

Abstract art was a revelation for me. Indeed, color is free and essential. Forms are at the service of color and sublimate it.


I had 2 group exhibitions in 2020 March and July at the gallery libre est l’art in Paris.

Then I had a solo exhibition from September to October 2020 at the Banque Populaire in Le Raincy, a town in the Paris suburbs.

I participated in Focus Air London from 13/07/2021 to 4/09/2021 in August 2021 with the gallery Curator honglee with 4 paintings.

I participated in Art Air Monaco from 27/08/to 29/08/21 with 2 paintings with Monatgallery and 2 other paintings were exposed at the Monatgallery of Madrid during one month from 18/08 to 30/09/2021.

I had 2 publications: in the Art4any magazine of June 2021 two of my paintings are represented, and 6 of my paintings are represented in the international book contemporary masters XIV July 2021


Painting is a source of joy. I love to create, imagine and design a painting because it is a little story that I tell in images. I am then in my own world, apart, I appreciate these moments of tranquility. Then, when the painting is finished, I am impatient to share it to exchange and know the feeling of the spectator.