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Claudia Gallardo, born in Culiacán, Mexico, in 1968, is a graphic designer by profession and visual artist by passion. During her childhood and throughout her life, she has perfected his artistic skill through workshops with prominent national and international painters. Approximately 15 years ago, she decided to make painting her main profession, driven by masters such as Pablo Corpus and Glen Rogers. Her work combines contrasting features of the work of the great artist Georgia O’Keeffe and Jackson Pollock, whom she admires
Her father’s encouraging words, “Fly high daughter, your wings are big, enjoy it,” became a source of inspiration and creativity for Claudia. Her work reflects a fresh and joyful message, characterized by reflection, gratitude and freedom, attitudes that she seeks to maintain throughout her personal flight on this journey called life.
Her artistic process focuses on the beauty of nature using its nuances, textures, transparencies, shapes and spontaneous rhythms as essential elements of his artistic language.
Sometimes her metaphorical representations of birds are harmoniously integrated into abstract settings full of color and movement, using a variety of mixed media and acrylic. Her work is a profound expression of her appreciation for life and constant pursuit of self-discovery and personal growth.


She began her plastic training from the age of 8 to date due to her curiosity to explore new techniques, enriching them in workshops with different painters recognized nationally and internationally, such as: Pablo Corpus, Glen Rogers, Angelica Noriega, Patricia Soriano, Emilio Abugarade, Carlos Redman, Hugo Anaya, Manel Pujol, Jose Alonso Loaiza and Agustin Castillo to name a few.

-2020-2023 (ArtNxtLevel Academy) Sergio Gomez and Drew Harris.
– 1988-1992 Graduate in Graphic Design, Women’s University of Sinaloa
– 1989-90 serigraphic technique basic, midium and advance level in Mexico City, Graphic school.
-!988 Painting courses and English language, McGill University,
Montreal, CA.


2022 Sala Premier Lounge OMA, Culiacán, Sin.
2019-20 OMA Premier Lounge, Mazatlán, Sin.
2016 Premier Lounge OMA, Culiacán, Sin
2014 “MY ROOTS, MY ESSENCE”, Arousa Auditorium, Villa
García de Arousa, Galicia, Spain
2012 Restaurant Water Edge, Casa Lucila, Mazatlán, Sin.
2010 -2011 “NATURAL VISION”, Ramada Hotel, Mazatlán, Sin
2009 ” Journey of my Brushstrokes”, House of Culture of the Autonomous
University of Sinaloa, Culiacán, Sin.


More than 70 national and international group exhibitions in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Galicia-Tenerife- Colon- Las Palmas and Madrid in Spain, as well as Florence (Italy) and currently in Galeria Azzur, Miami.


-Individual: Frida Kahlo Gallery, Sinaloa, Mx. (Dec_Jan, 2023)
– Collectives: Casa Cantabria, Madrid and Ávila Museum in Spain,and
England. (2023-2024)


I’m a Mexican acrylic and mixed media artist whose inspiration has been linked to flight since childhood, reminiscing about dreams where I floated above abstract landscapes filled with movements, free and perfectly organized, unique to nature. As I grew, pursuing my dreams, my father’s encouraging words, ‘Fly high, daughter. Your wings are vast; enjoy it,’ reaffirmed my artistic dialogue. My work is a window to my soul, where through metaphors of flight, birds, and colors in motion, my art symbolizes the dialogue in life’s personal journey and inner growth.
I like to invite you into my world through the movement of my lines, so that there, the viewer may find their emotions that inspire them to remember the goodness in this world, the positivity of reality. I wish to never stop enjoying the act of creating and giving birth to my colorful children and see how, once they are finished, they fly on their own journey, ultimately connecting with the emotions of the spectator.