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Claudia Elena is a 26 year old self-taught contemporary abstract painter born in Los Angeles, California and living and working in LA.



Claudia Elena draws inspiration from her misunderstandings, about life in general and her sexuality in particular. Her canvases depict and exploit difficult subjects, which altered her young experience.Intuitive and impulsive, Claudia quickly learns new painting techniques, mixing different styles and tools ultimately creating the one she prefers through her canvas. Acrylic paint is the main tool that gives life to her creations, however she is drawn to experimenting with new tools such as pastels and spray paints. These can be seen in her new work starting mid 2021.Music bridges the artist from blank canvas to creation. Music allows her to zone out of reality and zoom into the self, enabling free flowing movement stemming directly from her source energy. She discovers the creation after it has been created. She believes she is a vessel for the universe to work through.Her paintings are alive, and, as in every life, the most important thing is to live in the present moment, always following the happiness arrow.