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Clarisse GRENIER is a contemporary artist based in Bordeaux, France. At 40, she already has been through a very transformative journey, quitting early a Public notary job after formal Law studies to become both a hypnotherapist and an artist. Motherhood also was a deep transformative process: giving birth naturally of her eldest child but losing her uterus in the process, experimenting a near death experience, and giving birth to her twins through a GPA process. She strongly felt a call for a new life and moved from Paris to Bordeaux. Since then she allowed herself to explore new areas such as psychology, hypnosis, work with emotions and energies and yoga – a world she was familiar with since her grandfather was gifted with magnetism aptitude to heal. After practising a while and particularly after the covid period, she found herself with a urge to create. She joined several “ateliers” and developped her skills with different mediums such as watercolor, mixed medias including acrylics and also clay, both modeling and whell throwned. Meanwhile, she explores spirituality, connection to the elements and subconscious.
Clarisse GRENIER leads her audience – both with her art as an artist and through hypnos as a hypnotherapist – to a transformative journey, connecting them to a deeper awarness, freeing emotions and energies, putting things into motion. She feels she performs her art in a self hypnosis state which allows her to paint abstraction spontanuously, expressing not only her feelings and emotions but also illustrating collective unconsciousness and deep collective feelings.


Ecole des Beaux Arts – EBABX, Bordeaux
Atelier Terre de Ciel, Bordeaux
Master of Law, Law University Paris XI, 2010
LLM, Master of Law, Certificate of attendance, King’s College London, 2007


In my experience, painting is a way to express not only my feelings and emotions but also a way of illustrating a sense of collective unconscious and energy that I feel moved by.

I paint with a free mind in a state of light self-hypnosis, letting my spontanuous gestures express an emotion, or energy, layer after layer. I like working with different mediums, mixing colours and playing with textures and graphics, finding my own “writing” as life is also emerging most of the time by accident from a messy melting pot. I also focus on contrasts, light and shade as I strongly believe that light emerges from the shade like resilience – or something close to that – from wounds. My painting is “finished” when i feel it expresses an energy, or a feeling, when it carries something profound and inspirational. That is when I am finally at peace with it.

Nature and especially the 4 elements inspire me. I feel strongly connected with water, probably since it is the element traditionnaly linked with emotions but also because I have always felt more powerful and more “alive” living by the sea.

My work as a hypnotherapist also fuels me. To find a balance, I need to work with the earth and i do clay modelling to ground me and connect me to my center.

I like to think of my art as a way for my audience to connect intimately with his/her soul and inner voice, to feel moved by an emotion and/or an energy and in doing so, to put “something” perhaps transformational into motion, sparking and awareness, as it is to me very transformational, like a catharsis.