< Clara Elliot



Since very young, I’ve always been trying to represent what’s beautiful in my eyes and to keep a trace of it that’s personal to me. What drives me: the continuity of a single line, which represents the link that leads a subject to its essence. I like to express a state of mind or an emotion through this line which can evoke everything: a link, a path, an enigma… I’m a self taught artist, I tend to discover by myself what suits me best, through experimentation and discoveries. I know I’ll never stop learning, and it’s very exciting. Recently I’ve been starting to explore abstract painting, and now it’s a big part of my artistic journey, which is more defined by emotions than aesthetic research. I’m mostly inspired by Picasso’s line art but also contemporary artists like Katie Acheson Wolford and Mo Ganji, who truly gave me the desire to explore this painting style. Besides that, the work on shapes and colors of Joan Miró is probably what influences me the most in my artistic journey. Line art and abstract are both sides of my creative process that can not exist without each other. Those to faces of my art allow me to stay fulfilled in my creation, and keep inspiring me day after day.

My goal in art never was to hit or raise questions. It’s not about society or political statement, It is an introspective vision, of what we all have in commun as individuals, through our different stories. My art comes from personal researches about my own feelings and emotions, and I try my best to make people recognize their selfs in some of my artworks. It depends on what series I work on, but I mostly try to bring my esthetical approcha to gesture and empowerment. My vision is that our lives are dictated (in a big part) by the way we react to hard times and challenges. I think we are all searching for our own healing, power and accomplishment. In my own quest for it, I hope to bring some souls to find their owns.