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Cissy Spoelstra is a Dutch photographer and visual artist, based in the Netherlands.
She studied creative photography at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam.

Cissy Spoelstra was always interested in alternative photography
and she started to make cyanotypes as one only need the sun, some chemicals and paper.
Once she started working with cyanotypes, she really got caught up in them.
She loves the unpredictable outcome and the imperfections.
Purposely imperfections give her work the personality that she is looking for.

Every blueprint she creates is a unique artwork!

“Blue is the colour of where you wish to go because you’re not there.
It’s the colour of desire, of the horizon, it’s the colour of there, seen from here… So distant and yet so close”


May 27-29 2023
Het weefhuis Zaandijk
‘Light and Lust’ international photo exhibition

October 14-23 2022
Venice Photolab

April 29 2022-May 8 2022
Van Der Plas Gallery New York
‘At a Crossroads’

APRIL 23 2021-may 02 2021
M.A.D.S. gallery Milano international
contemporary exhibition shape of my art

March 2021
published in ever_emerging_ magazine

January 2021
Gallery at Alternative Photography

January 2021
Published in Art Doc Photography Magazine in the exhibition ‘The inner world’


Nature is playing an important role in my artwork. I create my work with the help of nature to raise awareness for the environment.
All my work is developed by the sun and washed by the sea.
As all life depends on water, I choose to give the sea a voice in my work.

‘The sea spoke up that afternoon and said:
All will be over soon,
So often am I wondering if people know, she said,
About the years of weariness and suffering I have had,
There are days that I feel the end is at hand.
That’s what the sea said – and she wasn’t even trying
To hide from me that she is slowly dying’ (Paul van Vliet)