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Cigdem Onat is an artist and entrepreneur based in NYC.
Born and raised in Istanbul, she studied French Linguistics at Marmara University.
In 2005 she moved to San Francisco and studied Arts and Humanities there. She later moved to NYC to study Fashion Merchandising at Fashion Institute of Technology. She worked in fashion for many years in San Francisco and NYC. She ran, curated and owned a wine/vermouth bar in San Francisco called Orson’s Belly, and was featured in San Francisco Chronicle. As of today, her main focus is on her art. She has been represented by galleries and fairs across Europe and Turkey.
She has collaborated with musicians and other artists in NYC. She was featured in House and Garden Magazine UK’s Art Edit (Condé Nast Publications).


“Original” / Galerie D’ Art La Visione / Istanbul / October 2021

“Four Seasons Special Art Exhibition” / Galerie D’Art La Visione / Istanbul / November 2021

“Return” / Karl and Ein Art Gallery / Istanbul / November 2021

Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair / Represented by Pinelo Art Gallery / November 2021

“Codes Of The Unconscious” / Holy Art Gallery / London / January 2022

“I, The World Revolves Around Me” / MADS Gallery / Multimedia digital setup / Milan & Canarias Islas / January 2022

Boomer Gallery/ London / February 2022


Her technique is through “Stream Of Consciousness”. Her works are placed beyond any time or space dimensions. There is no rules or logic. Her brushstrokes are vivid, energetic and irregular. Her love of jazz and films are her main inspirations for her art. Jazz blaring in the background as she paints. Each blow of the horns adds a new brush stroke to Cigdem’s canvas. Art is her way to connect with the world as well as herself.