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Born and raised in NYC, Christopher Pulvino has always had a passion for art and a love of creative expression. Chris began his artistic journey as a child, creating sketches of animals, cars, and futuristic settings, which later developed into other modes of artistic expression. What started out as a pastime, eventually led to a formal study of the arts at Pratt Institute.

At Pratt Institute, Chris studied figure drawing, art history, and computer graphic design. His sketching phase evolved into the medium of color pencil on paper, where he created original wall art images heavily influenced by his study of Tribal Art, Cubism, Modernism, and Abstract Figurative design. In addition to this mode of expression, Chris became interested in 3-D computer modeling and animation. His computer design skills even caught the attention of noted Hollywood studio, Rhythm & Hues.

During his tenure at Rhythm & Hues, Chris worked on various Hollywood projects and Commercials.
Chris then returned to NYC where he put his design skills to use in creating stunning home theater systems, and even dabbled in “living art” with breathtaking designs of coral reef aquariums. Even though Chris enjoys putting his design skills to use in creating these luxurious home spaces, his love of creating original wall art has always been his main passion.

Chris’ latest original works fall within the Contemporary/Abstract Figurative realm, and are constructed with acrylic painted paper in solid colors. The paper is then layered onto wood panel with acrylic medium to build the total image. This method promotes high contrast sharp edges against the solid colors, which are mostly limited to just 5 or 6 hues throughout the image. His recent works reflect this unique style and process.