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As I reflect on my twenty year career in art, I am filled with the memories of my paintings , all of which I regard as friends. Some are old, some new and yet, all representing a moment in time and integral parts of my journey. This journey, the desire to create, is a calling that has provided moments of meditation influenced by nature, music and experiences.

My curiosity and need for regular experimentation has resulted in a body of work that is endlessly varied. These variations have many inspirations, but I often come back to the role that architecture and design has had on these explorations and the tremendous influence they have had on my style. With no formal art training, I became reliant on colleagues and friends in the design industry for the necessary dialogue that feeds these investigations. The exposure to world class talent has inspired me and sustained my desire to make art.

My work can be found in both corporate and private collections around the world.

The act of painting has always been about process and representative of a moment in time, of a mood, and of a feeling. The ever changing nature of these emotions means the marks they inspire are a record of where I was at the time a kind of visual diary. As I age and dedicate more time to self- reflection I find myself influenced by relationships and past experiences. The intensity of earlier paintings has, for a time been replaced by works that are more patient, reflective, meditative. My most recent series of paintings rely heavily on nature. Land, sea, sky, horizon, are all reduced and amplified through color and line. The influence of architecture and graphic design is also apparent and enrich my body of work. The notion of experimentation and self-education in my art forces me to continually push boundaries and is ever changing. Regardless of style I have always been drawn to the physical act of painting, the intimacy with the medium. Movement and force are integral parts of my process whether they are gentle gestures or commanding actions of my entire body. Imported onto a surface, this kinetic energy chronicles my connection between medium and surface, mood and feeling, time and place. Lastly but no less important, geometry, balance, disorder, and color, all create the rich tool kit from which I draw. I would be remiss, however, if I ignored how spontaneity and chance are also integral to the path I follow. This is not to say that I have no direction, but to reinforce how much the moment, medium, surface and style whisper to me on how to proceed. All I have to do is listen.