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Raised in the city of Washington, DC, Damien was fascinated by Fine Art and Architecture from a very early age. Studying Architecture in NYC and Vermont, he relocated to New Orleans to focus solely of his abstract art. Using acrylics, oils and mixed mediums, his work has developed into what are often referred to as abstract skyscapes. Overlying textures and deep color contrasts that are seemingly minimalistic, his work is actually thoughtfully finessed and complex, the details becoming more apparent each time the work is viewed.


Works are in the Worldwide Collection of Hotels, Restaurants, Celebrities, Private Corporations and Private Educational Institutions. My work has also appeared in numerous Interior Design Publications.
Galerie Sonia Monti Paris, France, 2020-2021 Represented Artist, Group Exhibitions.
The Visionary Projects, NYC, Disrupting the Stillness 2020. In Co-exhibition with Lohme Gallery, Malmo Sweden
Texas Design Week Guest Exhibitor, Houston 2017.
Atelier Showroom, Houston. 2005-2015. Represented Artist, Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows
Republic of Decor, Naples, FL. 2014-2016. Represented Artist
Mecox Gardens, Los Angeles. 2008-2010. Represented Artist
Jackie Mallick, West Palm Beach. 2012-2015. Represented Artist
Carl Moore, Houston. 2008-2010. Represented Artist
Moxie, Houston. 2006-2008. Represented Artist, Solo Exhibition.
Lars Bolander, West Palm Beach. 2006-2008. Represented Artist
Highland Park , NYC Design Center. 2005-2010. Represented Artist
AREA, Houston. 2005-2010. Represented Artist.
Daria Flessas, NYC. 2005-2012. Represented Artist.
Nancy Robbins, Mandeville, LA. 2004-2010. Represented Artist
Duce & Company, Destin, FL . 2004-2014. Represented Artist.
Square One Gallery, Covington, LA. 2004-2006. Represented Artist
Interior Designs, II, New Orleans, LA. 2002-2015. Represented Artist, Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows
Elizabeth Christopher Collection, Oxford, MS. 2000- 2004. Represented Artist.
Cole Pratt Gallery, New Orleans, LA. 2002-2004. Represented Artist, Group Shows
Mario Villa, New Orleans, LA. 2000-2004. Represented Artist, Group Shows
Artifacts, New Orleans. LA. 1996-2002. Represented Artist
Architectural Accents, LLC, Fairhope, AL & Grayton Beach, FL. Represented Artist, Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows
Villa Dauphine, Mobile, AL. 199-2004. Represented Artist
V.Reed Gallery, Atlanta. 1996-1999. Represented Artist, Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows
Elements Gallery, Atlanta 1996-1999. Represented Artist, Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows
Alexa Georges Design, New Orleans, LA. 1995-1998. Represented Artist, Group Shows
Circa Gallery, New Orleans, LA. 1994-1997. Represented Artist, Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows
Art League of Alexandria, Alexandria, VA. 1992-1995 Group Shows
Studio U, Washington, DC. 1993-1995. Represented Artist, Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows
Art & Soul, Alexandria, VA. 1994-1995. Represented Artist, Group Shows
Setting the Stage Art Space & Gallery, Alexandria,VA. 1991-1994. Represented Artist, Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows
Bennington College, Usdan Gallery, Bennington, VT. 1987-1991. Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows


I think people underestimate the restorative qualities that art brings into one’s life. Color and movement in abstract art can produce a feeling of hope and optimism. Even in my darkest pieces a moment of hope emits a slight beckoning from the shadows. The forces of nature- water, air, the sky and atmosphere, and light over dark are primary references in my abstract works.