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Christine Weber Nolte was born as the third daughter from two judges. She grew up very sheltered but her upbringing still was strict. Art had been considered as sth you could not earn money with.

After high school graduation she studied languages ( for the traveling she would do ), studied the human body and soul to work as a physiotherapist and a natural practitioner until she installed her art studio in 2019 . She had been painting since the beginning of the millennium, after a nice italian woman read out of her palms and said, that she was painting.

Now she works as a wholetimeartist , enjoying her atelier and the time she can take also for her studies at the free Artschool Wiesbaden. She is inspired by love, traveling, buddhism, nature , music and both of her hometowns.


August 2019 ‘ JETZT ODER NIE ‘First Exhibition in Klingenberg / Main

January 2020 ‘ ELFENBEIN UND KUNTERBUNT ‘ Exhibition Klingenberg Townhall

June 2021 Collaborative Show ‘CONSTELLATIONS ‘ Galeria Azur Madrid @galeriaazurmadrid

July 2021 ‘ COLOR YOUR LIFE ‘ Doctors Office Dr. Nolte / Klingenberg

August/ September 2021 Collaborative Show ‘URBAN PERSPECTIVES’ Grace Denker Gallery / Hamburg

October 2021 Collaborative Show ‘ PARADOX ‘ Galeria Azur Madrid @galeriaazurmadrid

November 2021 Online Exhibition ‘ HYSTERICA ‘ @m.a.d.s.artgallery Milano / Fuerteventura

January 2022 Double page Featuring ARTIST TALK MAGAZINE Issue 18 @artisttalkmagazine

February 2022 Collaborative Show ‘PLASTICITY’ Galeria Azur Madrid

March 2022 Collaborative Show Galeria Azur Berlin @galeriaazurberlin

March/April 2022 Solo Show ‘ PRIMAVERA ‘ Amtshausgalerie Freudenberg


I perceive myself as a color player with an immense joy of creating art in a free and open hearted process. My intention is to bring joy to people, to show them how beautiful life can be, if one really want to see it with all its colors and wonderful possibilities.