< Tina Ringe


After my law degree, while focusing on my life as a mother of five, I returned to the roots of my interest and rediscovered the subject of my heart: the power of colors and the process of painting. Grown up and matured in life, I reactivated my old love and began anew to put on canvas what moved me in life, starting first with inspirations from Saint-Exupéry’s readings.

As a painter, I am self-taught. I use nothing but the palette knife and love the texture of the colors on the canvas, which reflects my inner state. My approach to the creative process is similar to the music of Claude Debussy. I absorb the emotions and poetry of a mood in nature and bring them to the canvas. The viewer should thus absorb the mood and feel it in turn in himself.


2018 Rasselmania, Hildesheim, Germany

2020 – 2021 Ministry of Social Affairs, Hanover, Germany

2020 – 2021 Resort Schloss Weissenhaus, Waisenhäuser Strand, Germany


Presenting the beauty of the world is the artistic rebellion of modern times.My work is to be seen as the contribution of the beauty and fascination of nature to the efforts of political movements that put the finger in the wounds that we humans cause to our earth.Nature in our days has to be understood in a fundamentally different way than in former times, such as the times of Leonardo da Vinci or Caspar David Friedrich and other famous nature painters. Nowadays, nature is synonymous with environment, and as such it is under constant threat from humans.My works might often seem to be purely decorative representations of nature – in the opposite, I want them to be perceived in the context of today’s ubiquitous worldwide environmental protection movements as an outcry of nature against its destruction by pollution and overexploitation.My intention is to make the viewer feel my painting. By regarding the picture, the viewer should feel the uncontrolled strength of nature, as well as its sweetness and poetry. I want him to hear the sounds of the waves and scent its salty spray in his nose. Same as the electrical saturation of the air before the thunderstorm or the shimmering quiet of the desert. Convinced of that nature itself is the greatest artist of all, I see my approach as a try to extract of it its essential temper and captivate it on canvas.