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Chiara Maria Francesca D’Errico named Maria.

Maria is an Italian artist who is based in Rome and works mainly with oil, acrylic and tempera on canvas.

She is a self-taught artist who is looking for her personal style by experimenting different techniques and materials.

She likes creating in her paintings dynamic and fluid texture in order to give spectators the feeling that the color is coming out of the canvas and they’re able to touch it.


– Self-taught and passionate painter

– Education:

2017: Bachelor degree in molecular biotechnology

– Professional experience:

2018-2021: Consultant and business analyst in financial advisory firm

2021: freelance artist

– Additional skill: photography


My full name is Chiara Maria Francesca. I was born in Naples. I’ve been living in Rome for three years.I always say that, as Chiara, I was a biotechnologist who didn’t want to stay in the laboratory anymore.So I tried to do something else. I worked as consultant in the world of finance but I quitted my job because for me it was frustrating and I couldn’t express myself.So I used my second name to create a new version of me. As Maria, I’m a self-taught artist who started to express herself by painting, especially during this time of pandemic when I felt lonely and lost.I started painting using hands, paintbrushes and other unusual things. I used both oil and tempera colors on cotton canvas.It was just like a therapy that gave me an outlet for the pain.As Maria, I’ve gained the courage to quit my job to embrace and accept this new path of my life.I don’t know what i’m gonna do about Francesca, but I hope to learn as more as possible to became the artist that I want to be.