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After an almost 20-year career in business and finance, New Jersey-based artist Chadwick Arcinue decided it was time to pursue his passion in art. Originally from the Philippines, he established The Chadwick Concepts in 2018, a design company through which he promotes his art. A self-taught painter, Chadwick relies on creative intuition and experimentation to present color and texture in abstract and expressionist canvases. Fearlessly exploring bold ideas, new mediums, and original concepts, he pushes himself to expand the boundaries of his work every day.

While Chadwick’s work was originally strongly impressionistic, he developed—almost instinctively—a sense of the abstract and expressionist styles, wherefrom his artistic personality became wholly original. His current body of work is expansive yet thematic, unorthodox yet familiar, intricate yet approachable, constantly shifting but always growing. He employs bold, brisk and abrupt brushstrokes, lending visual intrigue and impact to each scene. Elsewhere in his portfolio are textured backgrounds and stately geometric forms, demonstrating his range of skill and interest. His mastery of color and surface design, combined with a keen sense of balance and sharp eye for detail, make Chadwick’s work stand out among his contemporaries.


Originally from Manila, the Philippines, Chadwick now maintains a studio in New Jersey, USA and is represented by galleries in New York, Miami, Rome, Berlin and Manila.


Agora Gallery, New York
Contemporary Art Projects, Miami
Rossocinabro Gallery, Italy
Art x FAME, Manila, Philippines

2023 Art Wynwood, Miami, Florida
2023 Firenze Contemporary, Florence, Italy
2022 Red Dot Miami, Miami Art Basel Week, Miami, Florida
2022 Artexpo Dallas, Texas
2022 Art Santa Fe, New Mexico
2022 Artexpo New York, New York
2022 World Art Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2021 Calligaris x The Chadwick Concepts, New York
2021 Art x FAME, Manila, Philippines
2021 Agora Gallery, New York
2020 Calligaris x The Chadwick Concepts, New York
2020 Design Center of the Americas, Dania Beach, Florida
2020 Victory of Light | Wall Street Art Space, New York
2020 Boundless | The Gallery Steiner, Vienna, Austria
2020 Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida
2020 Transformations | GTM Gallery, Great Neck, New York
2019 Red Dot Miami, Miami Art Basel Week, Miami, Florida
2019 Constellations in Color & Form | Agora Gallery, New York
2019 Change for Kids 25th Anniversary Gala, New York
2019 Hoboken Artists Studio Tour, Hoboken, New Jersey
2019 Art Plus Shanghai, China
2019 Palm Springs Modernism Show, Palm Springs, California
2019 Art San Diego, San Diego, California
2019 Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 Jersey City Art & Studio Tour, Jersey City, New Jersey
2019 Houston Antiques + Art + Design Show, Houston, Texas
2019 Reveal Art Fair, Saratoga, New York
2019 Art Santa Fe, New Mexico
2019 Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton, New York
2019 Arte Collective Hamptons Gallery, Bridgehampton, New York
2019 Artexpo New York, New York
2018 The Opening Reception | Acuworx, Jersey City

2023 Galeria Azur, Berlin, Germany
2023 Artexpo New York, New York
2023 Context | Art Miami, Miami

17 years in banking, finance and consulting | Citibank and Ernst & Young
2004 MBA, Boston College, Massachusetts, USA
2004 MS Finance, Boston College, Massachusetts, USA
1997 BA Communications, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
1996 BS Management Information Systems, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines


Experimentation with intuition—this is the hallmark of Chadwick Arcinue’s artistic eye, which has grown and flourished from a talent long in the awakening. Its first stirrings are seen in his first painting, Boston, a dreamy impressionist vision of cherry trees in bloom completed 20 springs ago when he was an MBA student at Boston College. Since then, even as he made career advances in finance, Chadwick continued to explore color and texture, developing more abstract and expressionist pieces based on the techniques self-taught during his “impressionist school years.”

His inner artist was given free rein only in the past few years as Chadwick put aside his successful career in the world of finance, “picked up the brush” and established The Chadwick Concepts in 2018. By all measure, Chadwick the artist has happily come full force into the fore, as proven by the recent prodigious output in his paintings and design work. His Lightscapes are a joyous expressionistic play of texture and color, of drips and splatters. His Colorscapes, Waterscapes and Seascapes reveal bold, brisk brushstrokes and highly textured backgrounds that excite the eye. The very popular and dramatic Dreamscapes collection beguiles the viewer with dynamic compositions and puzzle-like geometric shapes, laying the groundwork for Chadwick’s first NFT collection launched in iconic Times Square in 2022. And the ever dramatic Red series displays the power and energy of this most vibrant of all hues, expressed through the interplay of varying shades, shapes, forms and textures.

Today, Chadwick continues his intuitive artistic journey, always seeking to explore and discover new ways to express the impulse that made him want to capture the shimmering beauty of cherry blossoms that spring so many years ago.