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Cesar Mammadov, born in 1988 in Baku, Azerbaijan, stands as one of the most prominent young brush masters hailing from the region. His artistic journey began at an early age, fueled by a passion for colors and shapes that immersed him in the world of imagination. The influence of his father, the renowned Azerbaijani painter Sakit Mammadov, played a pivotal role in shaping Cesar’s artistic beliefs and encouraging him to express himself uniquely.
Formally trained at the Art School named after A. Azimzade and the Academy of Arts of Azerbaijan, Cesar Mammadov’s artistic prowess has been showcased not only within the borders of Azerbaijan but also on international platforms. His works have graced renowned exhibition venues, revealing his distinctive approach to capturing the essence of ordinary moments and celebrating life’s simple joys.



2019 “Voyage” solo exhibition, Gallery 1969, Baku, Azerbaijan
2017 “Paradigm”, solo exhibition, in frame Art Bahar festival, Port Baku Mall, exhibition hall, Baku, Azerbaijan
2014 Solo exhibition, 1969 Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan


2024 Pastel Society, London, UK
2023 CICA Museum ‘Colour 2023’, Korea
2023 Tokyo Tower Art Fair, Tokyo Japan
2022 Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), London, UK
2022 Nice EXPO, Nice, France
2021 New English Art Club, London, UK
2020 Pastel Society, London, UK
2019 Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA), London, UK
2019 Annual Exhibition, Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA), Mall Galleries, London, UK
2019 Sale exhibition organised by Ministry of Culture, Crystal Hall, Baku, Azerbaijan
2019 Exhibition in frame Heydar Aliyev’s 96 year Anniversary, Baku, Azerbaijan
2018 “Art and sport” exhibition, National Gymnastics Arena, Baku, Azerbaijan
2017 International art exhibition, “Mall Gallery”, London, UK
2017 Art group exhibition, “White” Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2017 Art group exhibition, “Nour” Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2017 Azerbaijan artists exhibition, Belgium
2016 Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) , London, UK
2016 Exhibition The Royal Windsor Horse Show in commemoration of the 90th birthday H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
2016 “Vera” international art festival, “Aynur Gallery”, winner, Art Manege, Moscow, Russia
2016 “Art without corners” International Art exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan
2015 “Carrousel du louvre”, contemporary art fair, Paris, France
2015 The 5th International Art Exhibition, Gabala, Azerbaijan
2014 “Baku Lights” Art Competition, group exhibition, 1969 Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2014 “The Art of Humanity”, Treviso, Luciano Benetton Collection, Collection book and exhibition
2013 International Art Exhibition, 1st medal, Dolmabahche Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 International Art Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 “Heydar Aliyev is the creator of the Azerbaijan Republic” Art Competition, winner, 1969 Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013 “Portraits’ Melody”, 3rd International Art Exhibition, Gabala, Azerbaijan
2011 International art exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2007 International group exhibition, Singapore, Malaysia
2007 Azerbaijani artists group exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2005 Azerbaijani artists exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
2005 “Italy by the Azerbaijani artists”, group exhibitions, Baku, Azerbaijan


Mammadov captures the essence of ordinary moments, portraying scenes from his global travels and his home country. Influenced by his father’s artistic legacy and the rich culture of Azerbaijan, Mammadov combines the specificity of each place with universal significance. Mammadov’s impressive technique allows him to masterfully control lines, light, and perspective, faithfully recreating landscapes from Parisian rooftops to the rustic charm of Venice and the vibrant facades of Bilbao. Water emerges as a recurring motif, symbolising life’s source and providing a serene backdrop in depictions of canals, ports, beaches, and rainfall.

Optimism emanates from Mammadov’s paintings, conveyed through bold brushstrokes and saturated colors celebrating humanity’s diversity and harmony. Encouraging viewers to find poetry in everyday moments, his art unveils the beauty of life’s simple joys, inviting us to pause and appreciate the richness of the world. Mammadov’s scenes, whether depicting fishermen on a concrete dock, a leisurely stroll through town, or bustling riverbed commerce, are windows into the everyday. His realism authentically portrays these fleeting moments, immortalizing them on canvas to tell stories that might otherwise go unnoticed. His mastery of line, light, and perspective is evident in the faithful recreations of landscapes. From the intricate Haussmannian architecture of Paris to the rustic red roofs of Venice, Mammadov provides unique perspectives, often slightly flattening aerial views for a contemporary twist.