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Born in Brussels, Belgium on the 23rd of April 1992, Cécile Lobert is a neurodiverse, non-verbal visual abstract expressionist who addresses consciousness in its raw form. Her style is perhaps best-known for its emancipation from normative outlooks and references, offering deeply felt compositions from a rarefied place. Where artists work at tearing down social preconceptions, Lobert knows nothing other than this existential space so sought-after and dissects reality as we see it, to offer a version of consciousness free from set norms, perceptions and prejudices.

Daughter to Olga Rodovni, a Bolshoi opera vocal coach and to Belgian ambassador, legal scholar, theologian and philanthropist, Henry Lobert; she spent her youth in the United Arab Emirates, France and Libya. Her first acrylic composition was a commission by her sister in 2014, who had observed over years Lobert’s disposition to composing.



October 2021. Solo Exhibition Intersect by Lexus, Dubai International Finance Center Dubai, United Arab Emirates

March 2022 Quarantine Series. Solo exhibition Crisolart Gallery Barcelona, Spain

(May 2022 Anima Mundi “Consciousness” Solo exhibition within joint exhibition ItsLiquid Group Venice, Italy)


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A Powerful Portfolio Speaks for a Nonverbal Artist, by Carolyn Edlund

An emerging artist who creates from an existential place speaks directly to the viewer in a raw emotional form

Victor Magazine, November 2021

Cecile Lobert: Unique & Celebrated Global Artist

Her compositions establish a style perhaps best-known for its emancipation from normative outlooks and references.

ArtistTalk Magazine, January 2022

Cecile Lobert, by Kimberly Cooper

Can you image what how it would feel to turn off your analytical brain and react to life completely from the present moment?

(Artmosphere Magazine, March 2022) Cecile Lobert: Quarantine Presents a Neurodiverse Artist’s Raw Emotion Culled from to Cope

(ArtistTalk Magazine, September 2022) 6 page coverage

(Times Square, NYC 48 hour collection showcase, June 2022)

Cecile Lobert’s Neon Episode series showcased on Times Square, NYC, for 24 hours.


An outsider to societal imprints and to the ability to devise, strategize, or premeditate, Cecile Lobert’s art arrives from a pure and unadulterated space of the absolute present, offering a window into a human consciousness physiologically free from what ours comprises of.Challenging us to empathise with our true selves; untouched by our histories and social, cultural and educational upbringings, Lobert highlights who we may truly be without the conditioning we continuously undergo.