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Cathrine Ockernahl is a Visual Artist from Norway, she lives and works both in Oslo and Harlingen, The Netherlands. Her paintings are acrylic or oil on canvas and she works both abstract and figuratively, or in a combination of these styles. Cathrine Ockernahl is educated both as Interior Designer, Visual Artist and Curator in Art. She has worked as a Visual Artist since 1997 and also as an Art Teacher since 1998. In 2010 she started Nordstrand Art School where she held several painting and drawing courses for adults and children, workshops for companies and teaching art classes abroad, including Italy, Spain and Berlin. Cathrine has presented her work at a number of solo and group exhibitions, and also curated several art exhibitions.



2019 Galleri Rozen, Harlingen, Nederland

2019 Galleri Apalnes Solveien, Oslo

2018/19 Rabobank, Wolvega, Nedeland

2018 Rabobank, Heerenveen, Nederland


2022 Galeria Azur, Madrid

2021 Galleri Strømsfoss Mølle

2014 Pop up utstilling, Nordstrand m/ Sidsel Schjerven og Jørn Vestad

2010 Lions utstilling, Nordseter skole


My work is colorful and luminous and is painted with layers of paint. I love to start intuitively to see what appears on the canvas. I can start with an idea, a picture, but it may as well be emotions or feelings. I am keen to sense, look, and use the full range that lives in us; love, passion, joy, sorrow, all the aspects of life. These contrasts represent who I am and who we are as humans. I can be inspired by many things, but nature, people, animals, history and the traces we leave behind always intrigue me.