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Catherine is a Canadian artist based in Toronto, Canada. With a lifelong passion for the arts, she enjoys playing her guitar, singing, dancing, photography, and painting. Catherine’s artistic signature is a burst of color on canvas, often in the form of colourful blooms that aim to inspire joy. Her art is a celebration of life, a vivid expression of emotions translated into a colorful feast. Her journey as an artist took an unexpected turn in 2023, marked by personal loss. In the face of grief, Catherine found solace in painting, making it her most productive and transformative year as an artist.

“In loss and grief, I found not darkness, but color and light and vibrance in a way I’ve never found them before. Each brushstroke, each flower I painted, each canvas… helped turn grief into a celebration of love for those I lost, and for all that we shared together.”

What sets Catherine apart is her fusion of artistic expression with her professional background in business, communications, and human psychology. Her paintings are a deliberate effort to infuse color, joy, light, and love into the lives of those who experience them. With every brushstroke, she aims to paint hope, positivity, and possibility. Catherine’s painting style is uniquely hers and constantly evolving. In the tapestry of her art, Catherine doesn’t just paint; she uplifts, leaving an indelible mark on those who view her work.

A nature and outdoor enthusiast, Catherine has also pursued her interest in sustainable development with a university in Europe. She appreciates Canada’s natural beauty and distinct four seasons, embracing an active lifestyle throughout the year. In particular, she enjoys spending time in Canadian cottage country with family, friends, and her two rescued golden retrievers.

Catherine uses materials with minimal environmental impact and donates a portion of each work sold, to charitable organizations that support animal welfare and food insecurity.


Catherine is an artist based in Toronto, Canada. Painting for several decades while running her marketing communications agency, and raising a family, she has, until recently, sold her work privately. Upon going public with her work on social media, the interest in and demand for her joyful and vibrant work, has increased exponentially, and she has begun devoting more time to painting in her studio. Catherine has developed her skill as an artist through workshops and intensives, experimenting regularly to achieve her vision for each piece. Her work is spontaneous, intuitive, and emotional, created to bring joy to those who view and purchase it, celebrities among her clients.

Her most recent exhibit, “Celebrating Radiance” is at Kefi Art Gallery in Toronto, running from February 13 – March 10, 2024.

Catherine is delighted to be exhibiting her work with Galeria Azur – Miami.


My work fuses artistic expression with my background in communications and human psychology, each painting a deliberate effort to infuse light, color, and joy into the lives of those who experience them.