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Catalina Escallón Rosselli is an interdisciplinary visual communicator and a storyteller. She is a Colombian graphic designer with experience in marketing, product design, and development in the interiors and textile industry. Catalina moved to New York in 2014 to pursue her master’s degree in Fashion Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While at school, Catalina went into the interiors industry where she learned and mastered different textile knowledge and techniques. She worked in the industry for six years until 2020, when she ventured on her own.

Catalina believes in the power of strategic thinking and the creativity of every individual which led her to founding Noodo, an idea accelerator studio where she works with teams to help them come up with creative solutions and develop their problem-solving skills. She likes to empower others to solve problems creatively and to experiment with thread. Catalina teaches and shares her techniques to create a community and a conversation about photo, thread, colors, and composition. Catalina believes in the power of authenticity and craft, which she brings into her work every day. Her biggest passion is expanding further her knowledge of textiles and the art of making.

Texture and dimensionality have been a common thread through her career, and now she brings it into photography. In her work, you can grasp her textile background and inspiration. She layers embroidery on photography with intricate patterns that mixed with her compositional lens create interesting, colorful, and textural pieces.


Catalina Escallon Rosselli is a Colombian artist based in Brooklyn, New York. With her art, she explores the intersection between graphic and textile design. Her pieces are aimed to bridge the digital and analog space. They are an invitation to touch and an exploration of various textile techniques. Catalina brings dimensionality to print and uses embroidery to tell stories and create memories. Seven years ago, Catalina moved abroad and with that choice came uncertainty and struggle. Since then, she has battled with a sense of belonging. While living in Brooklyn, she found new meaning in places she had been to by seeing these experiences in a different way. This triggered nostalgia and made her think about these places and how her identity is constantly being shaped by them. More importantly, she realized that it is not one specific place that shapes it, but the construct of many. This body of work is a creation of her own spaces and how they make her feel. Removing color is intentional. By recoloring a portion of the photograph with colorful thread, the spaces as well as the memories within it get to be reinvented. Color and texture make people experience and feel the moment and the photography. The intention is to use the contrast between the photography and the colored thread as a way to draw the eye of the viewer from micro (color, building, space) to macro (memory).