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Caspar Baum is architect and fine artist, graduated from the University of Stuttgart and the School of Fine Art (Kunstakademie) Stuttgart.

Caspar lives and has studios in Athens (Greece) and Singapore. He was represented by Titanium Gallery, Athens, for more than 20 years.

He furthermore has previously exhibited at the Deutsche Bank Foundation, the Ulmer Museum, the Hans Werner Henze Collection, the Richard Meier Studio and Agora Art Gallery, both in New York.

In the years 2020 and 2021 Baum had solo and group exhibitions in Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sydney, Madrid, New York and Hong Kong.


1963 Born in Hanover, Germany

1983 Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Stuttgart, Germany,
-1989 Architecture at the University of Stuttgart, Germany

1989 Lecturer for artificial presentation at the University of Stuttgart,
-1990 Guest lecturer at the University of Bologna, Italy.

1991 Studio in Ulm, Germany
Cooperation with RMP New York

1992 Studio in Stuttgart,
Marriage with Athina Luisa Makariadi-Baum

1993 Residence and Studio in Athens, Greece.

2010 Residence and Studio in Hong Kong
2014 Residence and Studio in Singapore (& Athens, Greece)


1992 “Gothic Visions”, Museum of Modern Art Ulm, Germany (catalogue)

1994 “Titanium”, Athens

1995 “AEG Headquarters”, Athens,
“Kodakos” Neapolis, Greece

2001 “Underground Link” ( Concept ), Athens International Airport

2002 “Nissos”, Athens

2003 “Yiayiannos – Titanium Gallery”

2007 “Yiayiannos – Titanium Gallery”
Tsoumpri Art Space Piraus
Art Hotel Vitina

2010 “15 Years at Titanium”, Retrospective Show, Titanium (catalogue)
“Asia”, Titanium – Athens Municipality / Greek Embassy Beijing (catalogue)

2016 UoB Singapore

2017 UoB Singapore

2019 Night in the City, Barcelona

2020 Shibuja Art Tokyo
Kowloon Bay Art Hong Kong


Group Exhibitions

1988 “Italian Theatres”, Italian Cultural Institute, Stuttgart,
“Stuttgart Ballet” ( Art Price ), Stuttgart

1989 “Opera”, Linz, Austria

1994 “Summer Titanium”, Athens

1995 “Summer Titanium”, Athens

1995 German Embassy, Athens

2002 “Hats”, “Yiayiannos”, Athens

2003 “Summer Titanium”, Athens

2004 “Summer Titanium”, Athens,
“Olympic Games – 10 Artists”, Athens

2005 “Summer Titanium”, Athens

2006 “Summer Titanium”, Athens

2006 “Equity” Jumeirah, Dubai

2007 “Summer Titanium”, Athens

2007 EMAAR Art, Dubai

2007 “Oblique Travelers”, Tsoumpri, Piraeus

2008 “Liquid Blue”, Tsoumpri, Trichonida Lake

2010 “Structures”, MST Thessaloniki

2012 “Summer Art”, Athens Municipality

2014 “5 Artists at Titanium”, Athens
Russel Collection, Canberra

2016 UoB Annual Award

2017 UoB Annual Award

2019 “In and out of the Garden”, Agora Gallery New York
Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona
Florence Biennale, Italy
Shibuya, Tokyo
Colorida, Lisbon

2020 Contemporary Art Station Hong Kong
Galeria Azur Madrid

Participation in various group shows in public and private foundations.

Works of Caspar Baum are present in several public and private collections in Germany, Greece and abroad.

Between others:

Deutsche Bank Foundation, Germany

Sparkassenstiftung Ulm, Germany

Ulmer Museum (Museum of the Municipality of the city of Ulm, Germany)

Nehm Collection, Bochum, Germany

Russel Collection, Adelaide, Australia

Athens International Airport, Athens, Greece

Yiayiannos Collection, Athens, Greece

Paul Willis Collection, Athens, London

Hans Werner Henze Collection, Montepulciano, Italy

Richard Meier Studio, New York


Born in Germany in 1963, Caspar Baum was influenced early on by the gothic cathedrals in France, and several visits to Venice and Asia. His oil and acrylic on canvas works reflect his affinity for light, structure, shadow-play, and illumination while invoking the natural layering and separation of an environment. Carefully dividing his canvas into portions, Baum ruminates on the earth’s wonder, re-composing man- made treasures, and piecing each segment of canvas together to create an imaginative, subdued locale.

Educated as a professional architect as well as a fine artist Caspar Baum has been working on his art for more than 30 years. He has had studios in Germany and works now in his studios in Singapore and Athens.

He has had a large number of single and group shows in Europe and overseas, between others at the Deutsche Bank Foundation, the Ulmer Museum, the Hans Werner Henze Collection, Shibuya Tokyo and Agora Art Gallery in New York.

He has received awards for his works, which is now part of several collections in the United States, Australia and Europe.