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Casey Grace is a designer and painter. She lives in the small coastal town in Oregon. She studied architecture and graphic design at university, applying her education and talents to a corporate career at Nike. In 2017, after 20+ years she retired for more colorful pastures.

Casey worked initially with oils, painting landscapes and figures. After a medical crisis in 2019 she shifted to abstracts using acrylics, oil pastels and brushes or blades. She launched her first collection in 2020 amid the initial days of the pandemic.

Today she explores the balance between head and heart, alternating instincts of control and freedom. Structured planes of color display her design instincts. Painterly works explore a heart-led approach.

Her first show is May 6, 2022 in Madrid at Galeria Azur, on the 3yr anniversary of brain surgery.

Painting came to me as an urge during meditation. It remains ever-present although a constant challenge of head vs. heart and control vs. instinct.

I transitioned to abstract in 2019 after a rare anomaly was discovered in my brain. The dangerous merging of arteries and veins going in opposite directions which manages blood flow to/from the brain/ heart.

Today I practice a heart-led process. I often don’t see that a collection has emerged until after many painting sessions; a theme which parallels my life or mindset.

On May 6th, 2022, 3 years to the day of brain surgery is my first show at Galeria Azur in Madrid.