< Caro moonstar


Multi-media artist currently based in West Palm Beach, FL.
I create art in various forms, but my main forms of expression are through painting and making silver jewelry.
In 2013 went on an artistic journey through England, Venezuela, Argentina, and The Unites States, having the opportunity to learn silversmithing, produce cultural events and present my art in various exhibitions.
I returned to Florida at the end of 2019 and I’m currently working on the unfinished Endless Infinite series, a continuation of Itinerant Energy.


2022 Sunfest, West Palm Beach, FL
2022 Maxine Spector’s Pop Up Gallery, Lake Worth, FL (Exhibition and Production)
2022 Colour Senses Project, Miami, FL
2019 Urbe University, Doral, FL
2019 South Creek Library, Orlando, FL
2018 Multiespacio Korova, Buenos Aires – Argentina.
2018 El Emergente, Buenos Aires – Argentina.
2018 Teatro Monteviejo, Buenos Aires – Argentina. (Exhibition and Production, 3 editions)
2017 – 2018 La Casa Que Está Sola y Espera, Buenos Aires – Argentina. (Exhibition and Production, 2 editions)
2017 Impulso Agrupación de Gente de Artes y Letras, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2017 Exporock – Baradero, Argentina.
2017 Espacio 10 Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2016 Saatchi Gallery – Virtual Collective Exhibition, London, UK.
2016 Kpimelao, Caracas, Venezuela.
2016 Teatro Luis Peraza, Caracas, Venezuela. (Exhibition and Production)
2016 Café Sur, Caracas, Venezuela. (Exhibition and Production, 2 editions)
2013 Armory Art Center – West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.
2012 Armory Art Center- West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.


I combine free expression and my obsession with details creating a somewhat controlled chaos, manifesting the energy of the moment through brush strokes, lines, textures and dots, many dots, which become alive, spacey and organic figures reflecting how everything is connected and how we all live together creating something infinite. I am inspired by outer space, nature, imaginary worlds and the endless unknown where I become part of the impalpable. I invite you to use your imagination, to see beyond the bigger picture without losing sight of the smaller details because nothing is too small to not have a meaning.