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As a person, I have always been fascinated by art. I grew up in an environment where art played an important role and I discovered my passion for drawing and painting at an early age. Whether it was pencils or simply my fingers in the sand, I enjoyed expressing my creativity.

Although I later decided to study industrial engineering, art always remained an important part of my life. After a few years, I finally realized that I wanted to give art a bigger place in my life. This decision allowed me to explore different techniques and styles and find my own artistic voice.

My works are characterized by a variety of influences and reflect my emotions and thoughts. They are the expression of my inner world and my personal experiences. Art has become a philosophy of life for me.

In my works, I combine abstract elements with figurative elements and find a strong connection to nature. I see nature as a powerful source of inspiration and try to portray humanity as an integral part of nature. I try to explore the connection between man and nature in my artworks. I often choose intense colors to give meaning to the colors and color arrangements themselves. The colors should not have a decorative character, but stand for themselves, because they are an expression of life itself. Every work of art that I create is a unique representation of my connection with nature and my own humanity, but also with humanity in general.

The creative process begins with a rough idea, then goes on its own intuitive journey and finally comes to a coherent compositional conclusion. Between the brushstrokes, which penetrate the canvas full of energy, the ambiguous abstract emerges in the finished works.


Textile Engenieering
Industrial Engenieering

2018 – Single exhibition, Schelds em Oellig, Cologne, Germany
2018 – Single exhibtion, Davide Cappello Studio, Cologne, Germany
2019 – Single exhibition, Maybach, Cologne – “When I look at life”, Germany
2020 – 2023 – Art Gallery Hürth, Bonn, Germany
2020 – Single exhibition, Old firehouse, Cologne, Germany
2021 – Collective exhibition, Old wax factory, Cologne, Germany
2022 – Single exhibition KIT, Düsseldorf, Germany
2022 – Discovery artfair, Cologne
2023 – Single exhibition, Maybach, Cologne, Germany


My works attempt to reflect life, nature and people in all their complexity. The complexities and at the same time the everydayness of life are states that often stand side by side and encounter each other. I try to depict these encounters and coexistences while preserving the balance of these parallel states. Nature alone in its diversity, but also man as he moves within it, are central themes of my works. My works are intended to show that everything is interconnected, but that in this interconnectedness of things, contrasts and differences are elementary so that they can be recognized in the first place.

Art can speak without words. When art touches the soul, it has found a place to linger.

I work mainly with acrylic paint on canvas and use palette knives but also other unusual objects to give the paint on my pictures a polish. Abstract forms and structures develop very spontaneously in my paintings and continue to unfold in the creative process.