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Born in Palma in 1969, where she lives and works, her work moves in the field of sculpture, painting and photography, where she plays with a varied amount of materials and supports. She began her art studies in Mallorca and in 1994 she moved to London to continue her artistic training in the workshops of the Tate Gallery of London, Mary Ward Center of Arts, National Gallery of London and Glass Sculpture Center Foundation.

Her first works were realistic in nature, but little by little she came closer and closer to abstraction, a style in which she now moves with great freedom when using techniques and materials.

According to Amigó, being is an accumulation of feelings, a plot woven by the interaction of emotions, encounters, ruptures, which is why Amigó’s work focuses on the observation of small things, everyday details that, due to their insignificance, that seem to create an entire Universe.
showing through her work the representation of a hidden inner world, a network of situations, experiences. Everything intertwined forms a plot that is what we are and what we have become.

It is worth carefully observing the textures, the diversity of techniques: the graphics, the textures, the play of colors, the light, the ambiguity of the shapes, the magic of the figures, and the use of pigments. Sometimes she only paints the subtle trace of her passing, and the strokes disappear into abstraction.
He has obtained numerous distinctions and awards, such as best visual artist Rotary Club, or the Honorable Mention from the Higher School of Design of the Balearic Islands and has exhibited in Fairs and Galleries around the world such as the Tate Modern, Victoria House , Asian Contemporary Art Fair, among others, and her worcs are in private collections in diferent countries.


2023 The Abyss of the Insignificant. Dionis Bennssar Gallery. Majorca.
2019 “Sumergits” Dionís Bennassar Gallery, Mallorca
“The wearable piece of Art” School of Design of the Balearic Islands.
2017 Opening-University of Fine Arts of Barcelona. 2017 -18.
Gallery Dionís Bennassar, Pollença,Mallorca
Festival Intercultural Barcelona2017-Interconfusió. Photography and video Installation.
2016 Barcelona- Espai Avinyó. Video installation “Interconfusion”
2015 London UK- Victoria House. The Other Art Fair.
Nit de l’art 2015 – Centre La Misericòrdia, Government of the Balearic Islands
2014 Ahoy Gallery. Puerto Adriano/Calvià. Mallorca Bennàssar Gallery, Pollença
2013 Art Project-exhibition Ca’n Alomar/Ca’n Cera/Calatrava. Palma de Mallorca.
2012 Gallery LEM,Black & Blue Felanitx Nit de L’art. Carlos Roldós Gallery, Palma de Mallorca
2009 Carlos Roldós Gallery. Palma de Mallorca
2007 Nit de l’art 06 Galería Standarte. Palma de Mallorca “Movements”.
2006 Academy of Fine Arts of Palma Mallorca.
2022 Marratxí Culture Centre.
Treballadores. Castillo Vimianzo,Galicia.
2021 Barbara Weil Award. Estudio Weill Port d´Andratx
2020 “Blue” Dionis Bennassar Gallery Pollença
2019 Nit de l’Art- Cultural Center Sa Nostra “La Taula Periódica”
2018 Exposición Joies de Vidre. Higher School of Design de Balears.
“Fundidos “ Valencia
Van Gogh Art Gallery- Madrid/ Luxemburgo
2017 DITIRAMBE. Galería Dionis Bennassar. Homenatge a Dionnis.
2016 Planos de Fuga. National Photography AWARD J.Vallhonrat Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca,
MA. Contemporary Gallery Palma. Il Secolo.
Galeria Dionís Bennàssar – “L´Empremta de les Formes III”. Pollença
Espai Avinyó Culture Center de Barcelona
Festival Intercultural of Catalonia “Interconfusió”
Joan Miró Foundation. Site Specific. Stop-motion/Time-Lapse. Palma con Santiago Morilla
Ahoy Gallery Puerto.Adriano. Mallorca Spain.
2015 Pollença Museum. 50ºCertamen internacional de Artes Plásticas. Pollença
“The Dummy Book”PhotoBook-colaboración Cristina de middel. Palma Photo Festival 2015
Galeria Dionís Bennàssar – “L´Empremta de les Formes II”. Pollença
Hotel Son Claret. Calvià. Mallorca.
2014 Pollença Museum 49º Certamen Internacional de Pollença
Cristina de Middle Workshop: Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró. Edicion Photo book.
Creation of the Artist’s Book with Cristina de Middle
Festival Women’s Views. MAV. La Coruña
Galeria Dionís Bennàssar – “L´Empremta de les Formes I”. Pollença
“Biennial Festival Urbanea” Art. Manacor, Mallorca.
2013 Tate Modern Gallery “East Room” Londres, U.K.
Colaboración para el espacio Ca’n Alomar. Palma de Mallorca
Arts Santa Monica – Barcelona. (Artist Book art Fair)
2012 Galería Lem. Felanitx. Nit de l’Art. Palma de Mallorca
2011 Geraldes da Silva- Oporto (Portugal)
2010 Galería Marina Art- Alicante.
2009 Museum Ca’n Prunera. Viatge al Paradis. Sóller (Mallorca)
2008 Museum de la Marina. Canet de Mar. Barcelona.
2007 Museum Joaquín Torrents Lladó. Palma de Mallorca
1st Congress of Scientific Illustrators and Painters. Govern de les Illes Balears
Estudi Tena, Canet de Mar. Barcelona. “Cinc Visions”

2022 Finalist Marratxi Painting Contest
2021 Barbara Weil Award Finalist
2019 Extraordinary Award: Best Artistic Project 2019″ School of Design of the Balearic Islands. Artistic Jewelry
2018 Rotary Mallorca Award:Best Artist of Plastic Arts of the Balearic Islands 2018 Rotary Club Internacional
2012 1st Coll Bardolet Foundation Painting Prize. Valldemossa, Mallorca.

2019 ART BODENSEE-Austria International Contemporary Art Fair
2016 Shortlist. 50th International Contest of Plastic Arts, Pollença Museum
2015: “The other Art Fair” Victoria House. London. UK
2015 Shortlist.49º International Contest of Plastic Arts. Museum of Pollença
2013: New York, Pool Art Fair.
Asia Contemporary Art Fair. Hong Kong
Urbanea-Manacor Biennial. Majorca
2011 Arts Libris-Raiña Lupa Editions. Arts Santa Monica-Barcelona
International Free Fair of Artist and Design.
2011 Miami Pool Art Fair Miami Beach. Semana del Arte Miami Beach. E.E.U.U.
2010 “Estampa 2010”- Madrid- International Contemporary Multiple Art Fair.
Government of the Balearic Islands. I congress of scientific illustrators and painters
2009 World Travel Market, Londres.
2006 Shortlist I International Painting Contest Ayuntamiento de Muro, Mallorca.
2005 1st Painting Prize, Coll Bardolet Foundation. Valldemosa, Mallorca.

– Art Decó. Publicación Minotti
– Festival Intercultural INTERCONFUSIO. Barcelona.Spain. Mesa Redona. Juanjo Oliva Art
Curator and Critic of art.Referencia.Ultima Hora Baleares.
– BEST OF MALLORCA 2015.Renate & Michael Pentzien. (Award:Best Collectors Book of
the Year in Switzerland)
– PALMAPHOTO Cristina de Middle, Festival 2015. Photobook
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– Viatge al Paradis. Govern de les Illes Balears.
– Viatge al Paradis, Reportaje El mundo/ El día de Baleares.
– ESTAMPA 2010.International Print and Contemporary Art Editions Fair.
– 2010 Moviments. Gabriel Janer Gomila. .


2019 Senior Jewellery and Design Technician
2017 School of Design of the Balearic Islands.
2016 XTRart-Art Commissioner, Juan Curtó Camera Obscura Gallery-Madrid
2015 Joan Miró Foundation Santiago Morilla Workshop: Site-Specific Artistic Interventions.
Workshop Javier Vallhonrrat “La senda i la Trama” National Photography Award
Fundació Joan Miró.
Ivorypress. Space in the Book. Workshop Didac Ballester. Museu es Baluart.
Es Baluart Museum. Javier Vallhonrat, J.Manuel Ballester and Toni Catany.
2014 Cristina de Middle Workshop: Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró. Photo book edition.
Creation of the Artist’s Book with Cristina de Middle
Guillermo Mora Workshop: Museu Es Baluart.Mood Board
2012 TATE GALLERY-. Clore Studio. Londres. Order and Chance: The Unmaking of Time
Engraving workshop. MONFORT-Barcelona. Photoengraving
Es Baluart-Palma de Mallorca Museum. Mood Board-Guillermo Mora.
2011 Fundation Glass sculpture Centre. Glass casting and Kiln techniques. Reino Unido
2010 Palma Espai d’art, Centre for contemporary art: Photography; Embossing in relief; Communication and artistic presentation.
2009 School of Arts and Crafts of Barcelona. “Llotja”: Specialty Photogravure, Litho-offset and Lithography on polyester. M. Torres Workshop- Barcelona
2007 International Seminar of Scientific Illustrators and Painters. Government of the Balearic Islands. Joaquín Torrents Lladó Museum.
2005/2007 Círculo de Bellas Artes de Palma de Mallorca. Engraving on Iron
Contemporary Printmaking and Current Art
2003 Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation. Sculpture and ceramics (Joan Gardí Artigues)
1996 The National Gallery. London.Realization of various courses and seminars:
-Picturing the unseeble. Prof. Charles Harrison.The Open University.
-Beyond the impressionism. Richard Kendal. Director National Gallery.
-Degas as an Impressionist. Mari Griffin. Professor of the Department of Education of the “National Gallery”. London.
-The same subject over again. Kathleen Adler.“ National Gallery”.
1994/97 Mary Ward Centre of Arts. Londres. Pintura y Escultura (Paul Badger)
1991 History and theory of contemporary art. “For an appreciation of the Art of the twentieth century”
The roads to the Vanguards. Catalina Cantarellas.
1990 Design, composition and decoration taught by Adolfo Domínguez, Enrique Loewe and Vinçon, Barcelona.
1986/93 “Escuela Libre del Mediterráneo” with J. Torrents Lladó.


My goal is to provoke emotions and awaken awareness of the importance that the most subtle details of our existence can have.

I try to create a visual and emotional experience that invites us to reflect on the richness and complexity of our minds and the importance of our decisions, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Through the combination of techniques and the integration of unexpected elements, such as plastics, small mirrors or solidified paint, I seek to highlight the importance of small things and explore the vastness of possibilities found in our minds, an infinite universe of imagination, experiences and decisions, which shape us.
It reminds us that art, like life, is not just about grand gestures, but also about appreciating and valuing the subtle details that make up the work as a whole.
Based on Human existentialism: In each choice, the individual faces the responsibility of building his or her own life and giving it meaning. Freedom, then, becomes a burden and an opportunity, as the individual faces the immensity of possibilities.