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Artist Carola Orieta-Sperman was born in Argentina in 1970, Since 2000 she lives and works in Miami Florida. She studied architecture at Belgrano University in Buenos Aires and graduated both in Interior and Fashion Designer at the Buenos Aires University (UBA).

After graduating, she worked more than eight years as fashion designer in Haute Couture with Fashion Designer Beatriz Toscano from who she inherited the process of “molderia” and the “entretela” as methods of creation that is at the base of her art.

She also worked as a Children’s Fashion Designer for GATIC and for SMALL PLANET. She co-founded Creative Design that is still in the market.

In 2000 she moved to Miami where she pursued her art education and developed her artistic trajectory and work. She studied abstract art with Pablo Contrisciani at the Oolite Arts in Miami’s Art Center / South Florida, and drawing, painting and bronze sculpture with Antonio Coria.

She has developed a solid conceptual approach to contemporary sculptures and into editioned bidimensional art works. 2D work in which interweaving forms dominate in an infinite entwining and crisscrossing pattern structures; flowing melded, fluxed, models that coalesced one another in ceaseless movements.

Her sculptures are made from laser cut acrylic molded out in heat. Her 2D works are reconfigurations of the sculptural forms fictionally and creatively transposed into the bidimensional plane in which the artist uses post produced image-collaging.


\”The art os Isolation\” in its edition #2 and #3
Nowness Art Exibition.
The Pandemic Station.
Honorable Mention at International Art Award.
Subject Matter
Acid Times
Cross Aesthetics
Oblique Views.
Bespoke Bal Harbour.
Art miami /Context
Spring Imaginaries.
Perpetual Movement solo show.
Boundless Women
Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary.
Hamptons Art Fair.
Personal Structures Venice Biennale.


”My sculptures perform in a perpetual movement through a process of energies, lights, and unpredictable motions materializing from the intuitive gesture of my hands.” They emerges from my cosmic path, they are swirls that develop from perpetual motion. They express the highest vibrational frequencies, a moment of illumination and clarity, for me to connect. Working with my sculptures becomes an existential encounter; a challenge to shape the forms in brief instants before the thermic acrylic cuts cool down. In my two-dimensional works the shape matter, thus energies, lights a thought a feeling, become shaped forms giving life to an unpredictable movement, I \’ll like to express the fluidity of my sculptures and transported and transposed into a new imaginary world and fractal landscape in witch fluids forms intervenes and cross in an incessant and continuous movement generating a virtual collage. \”Creating my sculptures it is an intense experience of revelations every day.” It is a journey in my mind, inner and intuitively flowing with no specific direction, freed from structures. It is like creating a rhizome in which my hands move spontaneously as connected with fluid energies, with no beginning and no end. It is a process of free propagation of the forms where the layers of malleable material interlace.“The first thing I like to do when I finish each piece is to surround it, looking into the inner spaces, and focusing into the interior of the sculpture. I call it, penetrating in the heart and the soul of the form. It is an opening of a door to Infinity.”