< Carol Bourgonje


Cape Town based self-taught Intuitive Abstract Expressionist, Carol Bourgonje, found her artist. Ironically the lockdown of Covid ‘unlocked’ the self-exploration journey that allowed her, during that solitude period, to tap into years of expression that were compelled to be released.

Having a natural artistic flare as a young girl in Zimbabwe, Carol was always inspired by the art seen on her international travels world-wide while pursuing a career in fashion in Johannesburg for several years before starting her own business in the Interior Furniture industry. Vanilla House Interior’s success continued for 23 years in which her creative flare showed in the layout of the showroom, designing her own furniture and consulting on client’s interiors. Carol continued her travels during this time and being influenced by the East inspired her to paint her own art for her interior shop over a period of about 4 years.

Having a family then shifted her attention from painting for many years until these recent months of confinement.

Within her business years Carol’s spiritual journey has always been an integral part of her life. Continually learning and understanding the meaning of life gave her the ability to tune into her inner self allowing her to express on a canvas her truth.

Inspired by her Cape Town surroundings she unleashed this newly found self-expression which is currently unfolding into a journey just begun.


<p>May 2021 – Represented in The Houtbay Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa</p> <p>June/July 2021 – ‘The Innerstanding’ Solo Exhibition with Art is Art in Cape Town, South Africa</p> <p>September 2021 – Group Exhibition with Art in the Yard in Franschoek, South Africa</p> <p>Sept, Oct and November 2021- Featured in The World of Interiors International Magazine in the Art section</p> <p>I am a self-taught artist in which everyday I learn through curiosity and the freedom to release with total transparency. I do not create work that allows for any preconceived narratives or intentions, it is an exploration of self. There is no right or wrong way to express and the excitement of the unpredictability of the abstraction is openly captured in my art.</p>


Years of observation have formulated a collective consciousness in my body to translate into movement and flow when engaged in art translation. This captive moment is all encompassing, swinging my shadow moods to bare themselves on the canvas.There is a subsequent spontaneity and dance that takes place in this relationship between myself and the canvas which allows the spiritually intuitive response to melodically unfold in a natural flow of events. Defining characterists of this movement is witnessed in the body of my works. Each day mysteriously portraying a different flow depending on the universal rhythms of that day.The story on the canvas reveals an expression of itself after the abstraction has been articulated and the invitation of sight as a viewer, not an artist is the final revelation. Observation with different eyes will hence reveal a different meaning and evoke a new experience.My art strikes a balance of continual ebb and flow between detail and variety with playful spontaneity and unpredictability.The soul who purchases my art will invariable have a multi-dimensional experience.New reveals and new stories will entice their brain each day they engage with the canvas, unlocking a doorway of expansion into the mind and imagination of new awakenings.I invite you to encounter a time and space with a composition of work of mine that evokes an emotion in the depths of your feelings and allow the moment of escape to take you to your place of space and time.