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Brittney Pearman, born in 1995, was raised in the beach town of Sarasota, FL. She attended the University of Florida in Gainesville where she held in education in fine art and illustration. She currently resides in St. Petersburg, FL where she pursues her art, drawing inspiration from the muted colors of the area. Her work has been exhibited throughout the state. Brittney also has made work for patrons in the form of paintings and illustrations across the United States.


2019| Mini works in color – Sarasota, FL
2018| Senior showcase – Gainesville, FL
2017| Drawing through time – Gainesville, FL
2015| Spaces – Gainesville, FL
Art Fairs/Festivals:
2023| Indieflea – St. Petersburg, FL
2022| Indieflea – St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL
2022| Mezzo Market – St. Petersburg, FL
2021| Indieflea – St. Petersburg/ Tampa, FL
2020| Hotel Zamora Arts – St. Petersburg, FL
2013-2018| University of Florida – College of Fine Arts
2013| Ringling School of Art + Design Young Artist’s Award
2017| Murals over Gainesville, Gainesville, FL


I am drawn to the duality of something being both ugly or different and beautiful at the same time. I have always felt an interest in contradictions, especially those involving the human psyche and nature. The duality within my work exemplifies this. It is detailed-abstraction, calm chaos, controlled frenzy. This can be seen in the use of a muted soft palette alongside dynamic movement. My process also reflects these notions. I take interest in gestural mark making, overflowing textures, and calm neutral negative space. There is emotion in my interaction with the work, restraint even. Each piece starts with large, gentle flows of diluted pigment then rhythmic markings, slowly this is covered with more and more layers of negative space and detailed graphite marks. This creates the effect of fuller bodied clouds that take shape, but still have ephemera, a mystery to them. There is almost a ghost like quality, something flowing and present, but not quite solid. A gossamer quality atop the chaos.