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Brian Gillespie is a contemporary American artist, born Chicago, Il. For over 20 years he has pushed the boundaries of figurative painting with his bold, emotive work. His paintings have been featured in galleries across the country; Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, MPLS and San Francisco. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas. Brian currently has an active painting studio in Scottsdale, AZ.


2022 “The Art of Abstraction” group show, Chroma Gallery, MSP International. Airport, Minneapolis MN

2022 “The Language of Trees” group show, BRDG Gallery, Denver CO

2021 Keller Permanent Collection: selection “UCO”

2019 ‘PEACE AND PRISONERS IN THE VALLE’ Fall Show, Q.ARMA Building, Minneapolis MN

2009 ‘IN ACTION’ SOMA Group Show, SOMA Artists, San Francisco, CA

2009 RAMS, Inc. Suicide Prevention Benefit Show, San Francisco, CA

2003 ‘PARADISE’ AndrewShine Gallery, Group Show, Los Angeles, CA

2000 ‘RESULT’ Hoellen Gallery, Recent works by B.Gillespie and J.Apel, Chicago, Il

1999 ‘SIX CORNER’ Leavitt Gallery, Recent works by B.Gillespie and R.Brown, Chicago, Il

1998 Leavitt Gallery, Emerging Artists, Spring Show, Chicago Il

1997 ‘DIVISION’ Lee Hill Building, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

1996 Double Door Gallery. “Summer Group Show” Chicago, IL


My work consists of oil and mixed media paintings, focusing on figure study. I am constantly exploring the balance and contrast between realistic representation and abstraction. In this study I aim to showcase the beauty, strength and irony in various cultural interpretations of the human form.