< Bozena Jastrzebska



I have been painting since forever. At first, I played with pastel crayons, then experimented with watercolours, and finally acrylics. I definitely enjoy painting with acrylics most.
The most prolific period for me as an artist was coronavirus pandemic. It was a very difficult time for everyone. I lost my older brother who was an artist, but also my teacher and mentor. From an early age, he shaped my spatial imagination, teaching me about not only drawing and painting, but also sculpture.


In recent years, I have organized exhibitions for fellow artists and friends. In 2022, I started cooperation with the Monat gallery in Madrid. On 11 2022, this gallery exhibited one of my works in Madrid and 2 works were represented by it at the international exhibition Brussels ART FAIR 2022, which took place on 25-27 november 2022


Main inspiration for my artworks is nature, landscapes and their seasonal changes. I especially like flowers with vivid colours and unusual shapes.
When I first look at the blank canvas, I see colours, then I slowly shape them, and painting starts to live. As it changes, the paint application techniques change as well. Apart from brushes, spatulas, and sponges, I also experiment with slightly less traditional tools. To achieve the desired texture, I might use spoons, wooden sticks, or scrubbing brushes.
I mainly paint with acrylics, but also occasionally with watercolours.