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Bogdan Dyulgerov was born in 1965 in the town of Sliven Bulgaria. In 1989 he has graduated from the Medical College in Varna city as a Dental Technician. Since then Bogdan has actively been practicing his profession. Since 2008 Bogdan Dyulgerov has been living and working in Malta.


Solo Exhibitions

21.08-10.09.2020 Why abstract? 111 ART GALLERY / Malta – Painting

02-30 May 2019 ”Expectation” Architectural House / Varna city, Bulgaria – Painting

15-17 February 2019 PARALAX ART FAIR – London, UK – Sculpture & Painting

22.06- 17.07.2018 ”Abstract” RED DOT GALLERY / Sofia, Bulgaria – Sculpture & Painting

2004 ”THE HOLE” Exhibition in the Old Textile Factory / Sliven, Bulgaria – Sculpture & Painting

2004 GALLERY 8 / Varna, Bulgaria – Sculpture & Painting

2002 GALLERY MAY / Sliven, Bulgaria – Sculpture & Painting

2001 ART CLUB of The Council of Europe / Strasbourg, France – Sculpture

2001 GALLERY AKTUARYUS / Strasbourg, France – Sculpture

2000 GALLERY MAY / Sliven, Bulgaria – Sculpture & Painting

1998 GALLERY MAY / Sliven, Bulgaria – Painting

1997 SIRAKOV GALLERY / Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria – Sculpture & Painting

Group Exhibitions

01-06 Feb 2021 Infinite Dreams/ Online exhibition by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

20 Nov 2020 – 20 Nov2021 New Era Exhibition / Online exhibition by Contemporary Art Station

August 2020 New Horizons / Online exhibition by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

17 – 27 Sept 2020 Enigma / The Brick Lane Gallery / London, UK

03 – 30 Aug 2020 Breakout / M.A.D.S. Milano, Italy

May 2020 Dream Room / Contemporary Art Exhibition/ M.A.D.S. Milano, Italy

07 – 31 March 2020 Like This and Like That / Rosso Cinabro Gallery / Roma, Italy

01- 31 March 2020 Andrea Gallery / Scottsdale, AZ, USA

08 – 25 March 2020 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery / Chelsea, NY, USA

30 -03 Feb 2020 ART PALM BEACH / Palm Beach, FL, USA – Represented by Steidel Fine Art

04 – 08 Dec 2019 RED DOT MIAMI / Miami, FL, USA – Represented by Steidel Fine Art

10 – 13 Oct 2019 Clio Art Fair / New York, USA

19 – 28 June 2019 The Art & Antique Fair Olympia / London, UK Represented by Steidel Fine Art

14 – 17 March 2019 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR / Brussels, Belgium – Represented by RED DOT GALLERY / Bulgaria

15 – 18 March 2018 ”Collective fine art exhibition” Hosted by The President of Malta, SAN ANTON PALACE / Malta

22 Nov 2013 till 22 Feb 2014 ”The Great Masters of the Future” CATHEDRAL MUSEUM CRIPT / Mdina, Malta

2011 ”Trie Colours” PALAZZO de LA SALLE / Valletta, Malta

2005 TOWER of the CASTILE D’OUPEYE / Belgium

2001 GALLERY PIETER PAUWEL / Dendermonde, Belgium

1998 GALLERY SIRAK SKITNIK / Sliven, Bulgaria


March 2021 CIRCLE FOUNDATION, Artist of the Month Competition – Finalist Certificate -Selected in the Top Twelve Finalists among 685 intrnational fine artists

12 Dec 2020 International Prize RAFFAELO & CANOVA / Venice, Italy

25 Jan 2020 International Prize LEONARDO DA VINCI / Borghese Palace, Florence, Italy

1999 Young Artist Award Winner, Selected by The Union of Bulgarian Artists / GALLERY SIRAK SKITNIK / Sliven, Bulgaria


I believe that art is a form of energy and the artist’s role is to materialize this energy, to give it shape. It’s a kind of a stream of information that passes through the artist as if through a portal. When the portal is open for me, I start to create. The information flows, time is not enough, and I often paint several pictures simultaneously.Throughout the years, I have gained experience that helps me recognize in which particular moments it is important to create. I never force the moment or the nature of the process. I let the pictures happen and resonate. Most of my paintings are abstract and when I work I aim to combine colours and nuances which “love each other” in such a way that the painting would echo beautifully. I perceive myself as a musician. I strive to create music for the eyes. I am often asked whether the artist or the sculptor in me prevails. It usually turns out that after a long period of painting I start to feel depleted and at that point I know that it’s time to create a sculpture. These cycles have been repeating for all my life. As for sculptures I avoid concrete anatomical forms in order to reinforce the emotions and mood which the figure should emanate. My desire is for my audience to feel the positive energies and emotions in my paintings and to feel entertained, as I was feeling when I was painting them.