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Biser Mironov was born in Bulgaria on May 8, 1969. In 1988, he graduated from the Art School of Architecture and Design in the city of Tryavna, Bulgaria. In 1992, he enrolled in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. For a long time, Biser has been living in Siberia, in a deep village named after the Orthodox saints Peter and Paul. “Pole of the World” is a snowy place where the solemnity and snowy silence of nature last for more than 7 months, allowing for the full release of the creative potential of the Creator and contributing to the creation of a special energy in his paintings.

During this time, he has painted over 600 paintings, around 1500 sketches, 23 frescoes, and painted walls, as well as several sculptures. All of these works are part of private collections around the world, including the United States, England, China, Australia, Venezuela, Spain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, and Russia.


He has participated in exhibitions in Austria (Graz, Vienna), Italy (Montecatini Terme, Tresanti), Hungary (Budapest), Serbia (Belgrade, Montenegro), Bulgaria (Sofia), Russia (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk), Spain (Madrid 2023), Monaco (Fontvieille 2023), France (Paris 2023), the United States (Miami 2023), and Italy (Milan 2024).

He was awarded a certificate for artistic merits by the Luxembourg Art Prize in 2019.


An artist is a child, a woman, and a bird all in one. The essence of a child is sincerity and naturalness. The essence of a woman is Beauty. A woman cannot be unattractive because she is a part of nature. A woman brings beauty and inspiration to the world. And a bird cannot help but fly… An artist weaves all three qualities into themselves when they are in the wave of inspiration. I have no concepts, neither aesthetic nor political. I have simply reached a state where I cannot not create. That’s why I compare myself to a woman – she is beautiful in her nature. I simply admire the surrounding world and embody it on the canvas, reflecting it through the prism of my soul. The purer my prism and state, the brighter the paintings become. They can bring more joy to the person who acquires them. The quality of thoughts and the state of the Creator during the process of painting are very important. It is a responsibility. Creativity should be constructive, not destructive. And that is my stance.