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Birgit Barkhoff lives in Hage on the beautiful North Sea coast. She is an artist and her abstract painting has been a big part of her life for the last 15 years. Being creative is her passion, which she expresses paired with intuitive movement in her powerful and very touching artworks. Her honest art has delighted buyers at various exhibitions. Her claim is to be free in her creative power.

Birgit Barkhoff passes on her knowledge, her experiences and her positive attitude to art lovers in workshops. She teaches with dedication and joy, because making people happy with art is her greatest goal.


Last exhibitions

Hotel Radisson blu | Hannover 01.02.2022–31.01.2023

Swiss Art Expo 25.09.2021–29.09.2021 SBB Eventhall Zürich (Schweiz)

KLIMA & KUNST, Basel, Schweiz 07.06.2021–07.07.2021

Hotel Radisson blu | Halle-Merseburg 14.05.2021–25.02.2022

Group Exhibition HAMBURG 09.01.2021–14.02.2021 AZARO Artspaces | Hamburg Hafencity

Rathausgalerie Norden 01.11.2019–31.12.2019

Dr. Becker Klinik in Norddeich 01.09.2019–31.10.2019


Surrounded by colors, my clothes full of paint, that’s me!Painting is my biggest love, except for my Family, of course. Being an artist is my calling, art is what I’m living for. It’s so liberating, making a mess while firing the paint to my big white canvas. When I walk into my studio, I smell the colors, my spray paint and my incense sticks. I love watching the sun shine through my big windows, feel the warmth. While walking along the streets in our village, I get inspired by the people I met, the man with the trenchcoat, this woman with her flowers and this funny dog. I need this for my work. Creating, and especially processing my impressions fills me up with energy and power. And even this energy I’m giving back to my work. I want to take this feeling into homes. Reminding, to be strong and follow own goals!