< Bianca Dakli


I was born in Rome and now I am based in Berlin since a few years. I have a long education in ballet and I did my bachelor degree in Contemporary dance in London where I lived for three years. I have been working since then as a freelance dancer and just in the last few years I discovered that painting, was another inspiring and therapeutic way for me to express myself in freedom without all the self criticism that comes from the dance world. It’s just me, the canvas ,the colours and my imagination.


Dec 2020- nomination as finalist in the 7th edition of the Prisma art prize | March 2021- M.A.D.S. Milano art gallery , virtual exhibition ‘Gaia’the origin | May 2021- The Holy art gallery,virtual exhibition ‘Infinity’ | June 2021- Art from Heart gallery , virtual exhibition ‘Voices of earth’ | Okt-dec. 2021- galerie Egenolff 30, Frankfurt , Germany | Dec- Mai 2022 – Lola Pizzaiola galerie, Berlin, Germany | March 2021 – interview with Smart Artist Hub | July 2021 – Winner of the public choice award , virtual exhibition ‘Voices of Earth’ | Album cover for Andrea Stefano ‘ Room 407’ | Album cover for Andrea Stefano and Mowtif ‘vanilla villain’.


My style is inspired by nature, dance and natural movement, trying to express the beauty of unpredictability.Living in the chaos of the city and encountering the usual or unusual obstacles that we all meet in life, my landscapes are a way for me and hopefully for the viewer as well, to escape for a moment to a more dreamy and slightly surrealistic world, where one could find harmony or simply trigger other kinds of emotions not related to the material struggles of life.