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The professional artist and doctor in Psychology Carvajal is a master in connecting people with themselves and with others. Having the expertise in both practices, she believes that art is healing for both the artist and the observer. Her works reflect influences as diverse as Van Gogh, Banksy, and Frankenthaler.

Carvajal has been creating art since she was eight years old. It came naturally to her. Although art was not part of her family heritage, it was different for her. She felt like she had been creating art for many lifetimes since it felt so inherently comfortable. “I realize you don’t choose art; art chooses you.”

What started as a degree in architecture transitioning to a doctoral degree in psychology has come full circle, creating art that embodies her abstract style with a unique structure.

Her world travels and long-term residencies starting with her birthplace, Havana Cuba, Madrid, New York, the Caribbean, Miami, and her current home in St. Augustine are all concocted experiences and expressions reflected in her work.

In her art, new combinations are crafted from the present with both constructed and discovered meanings, ultimately strengthening, empowering, and leaving the viewer with a sense of self. In the presence of her work, seemingly momentary forms become clarified through studious practice or simply being present; the intent is for the observer to be left with a deep connection to themselves and others.

Flying Kites are common in her work. “Kites allow us to feel freedom, youth, health, vitality, and hope. Words”. Embedded phrases and words are intended throughout her artwork. The use of symbols of introspection and the creation of new meaning inspires through its abstract imaginative and contemplative synthesis. It can remind us consciously or subconsciously that we have unlimited potential, beauty, and courage.

Carvajal’s paintings show dynamics of apparent disorganization and complex patterns, yet, within is intricate disorder there is harmony, and balanced composition. Demonstrating the principle that there is divine order within every apparent chaos. What starts as inspiration soon becomes an infinite labyrinth and journey, through euphony of colors, textures, and sometimes abrasive reality, leaving only a sense of pandemonium and delight with only one option: the possibility of a new beginning.

This is her vision and why she has developed her unique style. Her conviction is to create an enlightened sharing of emotions at the deepest levels.



July 2021-Present

Artist Art Box Gallery-San Sebastian Art District-St. Augustine Florida

Exhibit collection of artworks-Europa.

Exhibit collection of artworks -Fly Kites

Currently on Exhibit

Exhibit and Art Walk -San Sebastian Art District

August 2021-October 2021

Galleria D ‘Arte Gallery – Flagler Florida

Exhibit Encaustic Collection-Dream Collection

January 2020

Downtown St. Augustine Art association Gallery

Exhibit Kids with Kites Series

September 2019

PBS – St. Augustine Beach

PBS Art Thera Display

December 2016

Galeria Ocho – Miami Florida

Buddha W.

October 2015

Artist Coconut Grove Arts Festival – Miami Florida

Formal Education

Ph.D. Psychology

Miami Florida


Carvajal believes that art can transform not only the physical environment but also parts of the self. Her art reflects the dualities between fear, chaos, disorganization, innocence, reality, optimism, and hope. Preparation and foundation for the medium of choice include written, colored, indented, inked, or sprayed intended affirmations, visible to the viewer or within the multiple colorful layers. “Art is healing in color, form, and resolve”. The blend of energetic frequencies and vibrations resonate to parts of the self to remind us of our limitless potential, that we are beautiful, courageous and that happiness is a choice.