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Beatriz Zerolo (Madrid, 1975) has been painting since she was five years old. Since then she has been combining this early artistic vocation with her university career (ICADE Law degree), work in different companies and her family.

She has been trained in one of the best drawing and painting academies in Spain, Academia Artium Peña, and has the support of great painters and artists such as Maria Tarruella, Jose Luis Rodríguez Posadas, Luis Ruiz Del Arbol, Carmen Palomo, Pablo Luque, etc.

During her forty years of painting, Beatriz has gone through classical figuration, impressionism, expressionism, melted and glazed painting, to arrive at material painting. Using pigments, she obtains magnificent results, full of a special and personal chromaticism and balance in the composition.

In his canvases, both abstract and figurative, geometry and colour, form and matter, are not only means of artistic expression, but form part of the same work. The relationship between emptiness and hope, wound and salvation, darkness and light, smooth surface and crack, are in constant dialogue.


Exhibitions : August 2019 Exhibition Contemporary art fair, Marbella | September 2019 Exhibition Galería Gaudí, Madrid | October 2019 Exhibition Feel&Flow, Madrid | January 2020 Exhibition Feel&Flow, Madrid |
October 2021 Exhibition Galeria Espacio MAdos, Madrid | January 2022 Exhibition Galeria ABARTIUM, Barcelona | January 2022 Exhibition Centro “Eduardo Úrculo”, Madrid | March 2022 Exhibition Muestra Internacional de la Diputación de Barcelona | March 2022 Finalist 57 Premio Reina Sofia and exhibition en Casa de Vacas, Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid | April 2022 Exhibition VII Salón de Arte Abstracto, Sala “Juana Francés”, Madrid | August 2022 Exhibition Fiera di Rimini Vía Emilia, Italia.



Beatriz Zerolo’s work falls between abstract expressionism and modern figurative art. Her canvasses try to rip the veil of appearance, making the underlying reality surface and bring light to the true essence of things. In addition, stemming from a deep understanding of the Spanish pictorial tradition –following in the steps of Ramón Gaya– Beatriz Zerolo proposes a direct dialogue with the most influential painters, revisiting and reshaping their works by deconstructing their styles.