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Beatrice Buccella was born on May 11, 1991 in Frascati in the Province of Rome since she was interested in the design of landscapes and everything that surrounded her, her sensitivity led her to artistic studies with professional courses and self-taught. She began to cultivate her passion first with pencil drawing and then became passionate about acrylic painting, in recent years her nature to experiment makes her approach digital painting. Among the countless interests he expands his knowledge of photography and tailoring that he uses in making his works. In 2020 she was published for the first time in the Italian magazine “Artisti in Vetrina” but it was only in 2022 when she participated in the collective exhibition “ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR” that her artistic career began to take off. In the same year he participates and receives the award as “Italian Artist in London” exhibiting in the English city, at the beginning of 2023 he decides to move overseas participating in the exhibition in Los Angeles “LA ART FAIR”. His source of inspiration are the places he visits and the moments he lives and immortalizes with his photos and then bring back that moment with a message of the emotions he feels while living it by transferring it to the canvas. Each work, even if they seem to diverge by subject, everything it achieves is dictated by the emotion of that precise moment. Over the years she has always dedicated herself to the search for a personal style, experimenting with different techniques and subjects without ever despising any particular technique.


Passionate about animation with a background in Graphic Design, Concept Art, Illustration and Architecture. I am always ready to work with others to get the job done according to the deadline and following project guidelines. I am a person full of enthusiasm, a strong work ethic and a great desire to be able to grow professionally and personally

A.S. 2006 /2010 high school Artistic Giorgio de Chirico
course di Architecture valutazione 85/100
A.A. 2011/2013 Comics Scuola Internazionale del fumetto Illustration
A.A 2019/2020 Rainbow Academy Master in Digital Art – Concept Artist valutazione 85/100
A.A 2021/2021 Rainbow Academy Master in Storyboard pro valutazione 89/100 e Master in Harmony valutazione 92/100

Tromp d’oil and Painting, Accademia del Giglio
January 2017 – January 2017
Adobe Graphic Design software, Istituto Cefi
September 2014 – January 2015

Rome international Art Fair (Collettiva) 09/2022
Guardians of Dream (Collettiva) 10/2022
Premio Artisti Italiani a Londra (Collettiva) 12/2022
LA ART FAIR (Fiera artistica) 02/2023
Shapes of Nature (Collettiva) 06/2023
Vienna Art Summer (Collettiva) 07/2023

2020 Artisti in vetrina
2022 Art-now