< Barbara Marcinkowska



Many years ago, I felt an urge for artistic creation. I experimented with a lot of different mediums until I found myself in painting. From the very beginning, however, I felt that what I was looking for was utterly “my” art – without imposed techniques and forms, full of freedom, beyond defined styles. I dared to fully show the world my expression. I paint what I see and feel, not what is. Maybe that’s why those who know my work, describe my style as “basism” and promise that they would recognize my work everywhere (basism – the name of my artistic style that my friends came up with, that derives from my nickname-Basia). I live and work in Lubin (close to the city of Wroclaw, Poland).



Images come to me spontaneously. I stand in front of the canvas, pick up a brush, choose the paint and let myself be inspired. My greatest source of inspiration is through my travel and the nature I visit. Nature combines colors in an amazing way. Regardless of whether it is a color palette of Asia or Poland in winter, the colors arouse great emotions in me. After returning from a journey, I later find these newly recognized color combinations in my paintings. Sometimes I hide some symbolism in my works, but I’m glad when everyone finds their own meanings in them. I am very pleased to hear that what I create brings joy and energy to other people.