< Barbora Sika


When I was 4 years old, I wanted to be an artist. Somebody asked me why. I knew I want to be free and be child forever.
When I was 21 I studied Arts and Czech language with literature on Pedagogic faculty of Charles University in Prague.
I thought I was born to be a teacher like my ancestors, but I loved a lessons of painting the most. I spent most of my free time in the studio.
Then I worked like a teacher for 6 years, I felt very exhausted and in parallel I studied for Master’s exams and I was totally depressed. It was the begining of my illustrated situations from my life. My followers on Instagram loved it, they shared my posts and wrote me they want to wear my illustrations on bag or t-shirt. My first calligraphy lettered inscription “I am the designer of my own catastrophy” was very successful.
In 2016 I had my first public presentation od Design market in Prague.
Year after my daughter was born and I left my job. This year I had my first exhibition with my illustrations from my motherhood.
Next year I started with calligraphy lessons like a lecturer.


Education 2016

Masters degree / Pedagogic Faculty of Charles University in Prague / Arts and Czech literature


2018 Motherhood / Dyzajn market Prague

2021 Horizon / Street festival Nikolajka

2021 Back to the Childhood / Lemarket Prague 2

022 Inner voice / Cafedu Prague

2022 Gallery Azur Berlin

2022 Circles / Designblok Prague


I always used to be afraid of paint with colors, so I always reached for black and I felt so good. After years of working as an illustrator and calligrapher, I decided to relax more and I needed to express myself more than before and I missed the colors. I illustrate all the time, but less. And less is more for me. I’ve run out of arguments why I can’t do my own work and I just started, otherwise I’d lose myself. My daughter Emilia and I started painting with acrylic on canvas last year. It was part of my job she can create with me. Our first painting was a present for my partner. She showed me the way to colors. After this lovely experience I know I will never give up to paint with colors. My daughter said to me, “Mom, be more spontaneous.” Her childhood immediacy and the color combinations she used were absolutely contagious. It was suddenly something free, something I needed to teach from her. She painted my first and second collection with me. The dominant feature of my artwork are round shapes that blend into dream compositions and structures. I like to work with the intuition and immediacy of the children’s world, I paint blindly, I try to use tools other than a brush. My paintings tell stories. These are my inner confessions that I cannot say otherwise. In 2021 I started to exhibit and present my work in public and these days I am currently painting with natural pigments. I coperate with czech brands designers and paper Now I would like to exhibit abroad and I would like to sign my paintings my real name, name of my daughters’ father. I still dream big like a little girl :-).