< Barbara Uhsadel




I already painted as a child, but in an abstract form back then. Just as my granddaughter now also paints abstractly – and not just “krickelkrackel”.

Through classical schooling, abstract painting changed into representational painting. At 18, my style changed back to abstract, not least influenced by my stay in a Buddhist monastery in China. Here, not only my fighting style was improved, but also my view of the essential. Today I paint exclusively abstract and experiment more in the choice of materials. Besides acrylic, I also use ink, chalk and pencils.


  • 2017 Exhibition in Zurich.
  • 2017 to 2019 Permanent exhibition at the gallery “Art Agency” in Zurich.
  • Until 2020 permanent exhibition in Hamburg, Galerie Malinowski.
  • 2019 Hamburg, Künstlerhaus, solo exhibition



Art gives me the space for something flexible and surprisingly new. I try not to let myself be influenced by the environment, politics or judgements in my painting. In my studio I immerse myself in a completely different world, for me a boundless freedom.Some of my paintings are planned. They arise from an idea that I translate into an abstract, essential form. Other pictures develop a life of their own during painting, from which I draw inspiration.