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Barbara Fuchs is a young, aspiring German artist from Bavaria who, with her esprit, inventiveness and spontaneity, gives the pictures and works life and vibrancy.

She was born in Bavaria in 1983. After an apprenticeship in her parents’ company as a painter and varnisher, she lived in Munich for two years and completed further training to become a master craftsman at the master and technician school. Her field of design led her from craftsmanship to art. This opened up completely new perspectives for her.
Inspired by the traditions of her homeland and nature, Barbara creates colorful mountain and animal motifs. Her two children and her strong sense of family set impulses that lead to human motifs.

Colours. Painting. Handicraft – For Barbara Fuchs, painting is creativity and an expression of her innermost self.

Barbara Fuchs uses pastel chalk and charcoal pencils in her artworks. The abstract backgrounds of her pictures arise from emotions and impressions from her surroundings. In doing so, she discovers lines, dots and surfaces that provide impulses for her motifs. These come alive with bright colors and strong neon tones. Barbara captures moments in her works and thus preserves moods and emotions. The use of chalk allows her hands to be in direct contact with the surface and allows for quick work in layers. Blurring creates soft transitions. Fascinated by the high pigmentation and the lightfastness of the pastel crayons, Barbara lets her passion run free.