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Barbara Arcuschin is an Argentinian visual artist born in Buenos Aires in 1985. She worked as fashion stylist since 2002 for media (Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel), brands and recognized Argentinian designers. In 2009 she made her first group exhibition of her photographs. As self-taught, she has worked for the fashion industry too. She did some workshops with Guillermo Ueno, Alberto Goldenstein, Fabiana Barreda and Rosana Schoijett; and was selected for the Artist’s Program of the Universidad Di Tella. All her body of artwork is documentary, portraits also taken mostly in the streets of different cities from 2009 up to now. Her work has been published in Der Greif, Rolling Stone Italia, iD Italy, iD Korea, L’uomo Vogue, The Photographic Journal, Musée Magazine, Vice Magazine Ar, L’Officiel Ar, Sleek Art, V magazine, PH Museum, Fisheye Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, C41.
She uses mainly 35mm analogic film.


Selected Exhibitions
2009 “Palito bombón helado”, collective, Miau Miau, Buenos Aires
2010 “Shopping”, collective, Mite Gallery, Buenos Aires
2011 No Found Photo Fair, with Rea One Day Gallery, Paris
2013 “Define stranger”, solo show, Regia Gallery, Buenos Aires
2015 “Post Meridiem”, solo show, Otero Gallery, Buenos Aires
2019 “Labs Slide Slam show”, collective, Red Hook Labs, New York
2020 Online Exhibition, Still Fotografia, Milan, Italia
2022 “Ni tan popular”, Unión espacio para artistas, Ciudad de México.
2023 “Exclusion”, collective, curated by Perimetro Magazine, Base, Milano.
2023 “Génesis”, solo show, Futbolitis, Buenos Aires
2022 Visual Arts Prize, CC San Martín, Buenos Aires
2016 9th Edition Artist’s Program, Universidad Di Tella, Buenos Aires


People say that an image speaks louder than a thousand words, never less for me photography it’s about founding relations, dialogues between people from different cultures. More than once I felt surprised finding similar behaviours, manners from people that are thousands kilometers away from each other. Same thing happens with photographs I look for the originalities of people who are proud of who they are. People who put all of themselves in little things. I’m amazed at the power that little things have. I’ve tried to find secrets and also dialogue in between these special things among people who don’t know each other and are very far away from each one, but still related. Photography for me it’s about that.