< Ayan Aziz Mammadova


Ayan Aziz was born and raised in Azerbaijan, where she grew up in a family filled with talented artists, dedicated to their craft. Ever since she was little, she spent countless hours in her father’s workshop, watching him passionately work on his paintings and dreaming that one day, she will find her own passion in this field. Indeed, her biggest influence comes from her family roots, however, Azerbaijan, her home country, has shaped her into the artist that she is today just as much. Her artistic path resonates with a magnitude of cultural, aesthetic, and symbolic inspirations from Azerbaijan, which have been forged on to her by a family long embedded in the world of art.


2022 Nice Art EXPO, Nice, France. | 2022 Represented by Agora Gallery, New York, USA. | 2021 Florence Biennale \”Eternal Femininity\”, Florence, Italy. | 2019 Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy. | 2018 Nur Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan. | 2018 \”Ag Sheher\”, Baku, Azerbaijan. | 2015 IV International Art Exhibition in Qabala city. | 2014 International Festival \”Vera\”, Lisbon. | 2013 \”Lights of Baku\” organized by Azerishig III International Art Exhibition. | 2012 Project \”Land of Fire\”, Azerbaijan, Baku. | 2012 University of Leeds, Exhibition Hall, UK. | 2011 Exhibition of Female Divinity, Giz Galasi Gallery, Azerbaijan, Baku. | 2010 Exhibition \”Silk Road\” in Baku, Azerbaijan. | Participant of the International Korea Exhibition. | 2010-2012 Silk Road. Korea, Seoul.


I live in my own inner world, from where solar prominences splash imagination onto canvases and I am not bound by any conventional forms of artistry. In my works, I showcase a host of expressions, emotions and mood swings that are captivated by a feminine nature, and a rhythmic undertone. My creativity lies in the mirror of one’s soul. I use the colours of my works to assign rhythm and deep meaning in an abstract ornament, as well as saturated patterns that can be found hidden in still life or landscape. The language of art is an unparalleled force of my expression, the freedom of visual expression where even the most paradoxical ideas can touch and be united is the underlying concept that I create art by.