As the photographer captures a precise moment, Aurélie Ferrara, through her drawings, transcribes moments of life for us.
Aurélie has always loved painting and drawing, and life brought her back to art in 2018 to become a professional. Self-taught, she tests many techniques before devoting herself since 2020 to what suits her the most: graphic pencil and portrait drawing.
His style is to draw reality, explore daily life in all its forms, in its true light. Without idealizing it, modifying it, or copying it, but on the contrary by giving back to reality its significant dimension.
Being the closest to feelings and human situations through aesthetic and poetic moments. She has a particular interest in simple happiness, difficulties and injustices.
For his research, the environment of the subject is as important as the subject itself. She chooses photographs in an intimate setting or in public. Certain private places are particularly exploited to represent the poetic intimacy of the moment.
Because she loves life as it is before our eyes, and down to the smallest detail.
Her works are nourished and inspired by real models during her own photo shoots that she does herself or in collaboration with professional photographers.
She also has a few Stars to share for your viewing pleasure.
The works of Aurélie Ferrara are exhibited in France, in Biarritz and Paris, and in Spain, in Madrid.


Exhibition =
– 2022 Galerie Corsaire, Biarritz
– 2022 Galerie Libre est l’Art, Paris
– 2022 Galerie Art3F Foire Internationale Art contemporain, Paris
– 2022 Salon Habitat et Décoration, Biarritz
– 2023 Galerie Gaudi, Madrid
– 2023 Galerie Azur, Madrid