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It is in Senegal, my country of birth, where I took my first steps in the art world. Rocked by several cultures and currents of thoughts, it is initially through the modelling that I expressed myself, then I very took my first brush in the hand.
I am a self-taught painter, I have participated in several exhibitions including one at the IFAN museum, another at the Dakar Biennale and an exhibition in a gallery in Abidjan and Marrakech.
Thanks to my eclectic and crazy style, a series of paintings revealed me, among which the one of “Chaos” which will bring me beyond the borders to Morocco, Belgium and soon elsewhere in Europe.


Musée de l’IFAN dakar, biennale de Dakar, Wallshouseofart à Abidjan, Black moon à Marrakech I´m a self taught artist Not yet


Long lived as an outlet, my artistic style has fundamentally metamorphosed over the years to become a true field of expression where colors interact with lightness. It is through my states of mind that I find my inspiration. I usually paint on canvas, but sometimes I also express myself on photos where I have just immersed myself in everyday life scenes. My whole artistic concept is based on hope: I use different materials and colors to rethink a moment of life with the hope of a better world.